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Perhaps we could all just ignor the previous blog

The problem with being a ...reactionary type person with a public forum at your disposal is that from time to time you can get a little carried away.

 there is an art to apologizing where if you (her) do it correctly, the person (me) you are apologizing to feels like a complete knob.  and while i wasn't too far off base on my criticism...i probably could have...oh...toned it down a bit. seeing as how this person is going through a traumatic time and is much like a drowning person simply clawing for something stable to keep herself afloat.  in my defense...if she was a he...all of my rhetoric would have been completely acceptable.  

anyhow the point is- learning to apologize is very important.  many many big problems can be headed off, minds can be changed and doors can be opened if you just admit you screwed up, and do it early.  I'm good at it and once you do it a few times it becomes easy...hell nowadays i can say "i,m sorry" even when i don't mean it in the least bit. so hey..."i'm sorry" about the mean blog yesterday.  

really though, it might have been a jag move...i gotta think it over.  i mean the blog must go on...that's what was on my mind and it made for an entertain few paragraphs even if i came across like a jerk.  which brings me to my constant delema.  if i put up a blog in a fever pitch of being pissed and later think it makes me look like as ass or was off base on some things, do i go back and take it down?  my policy is "no" because that's pretty disingenuous, people come here to read what i think and out of morbid curiosity as to what makes the guy who writes Arsenic Lullaby tick. so if i were to keep fine tuning everything just to make myself seem cool and mature...there wouldn't be much reason for anyone to read it.

truth be told as much as the whole incident with her annoyed me it also made me pretty sad.  We are cut from the same clothe her and i and i figured that by not hearing from her all this time that it meant her life was going just fine and didn't need me around...which would be just fine and i'd be happy for her, AND it would mean that there is hope for me too. so you mix that emotion with the irritation at the all the annoying things i already mentioned and you get what i wrote. i'll just leave it up maybe in two more days i'll think i wasn't harsh enough.  i will say this for sure...i was wrong to say i didn't care cause i do.  

i'll just move on and try to keep myself out of trouble by answering some questions about the E-Bay stuff. (keyword Arsenic Lullaby)

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the sketchbooks...and don't feel stupid here or think any question is a stupid question because, i don't think we explained it very well and even the video wasn't too clear. 

let me try again -  i draw / sketch with non-photo blue or red pencil lead.  this lead is designed to not show up when you photocopy or scan something in in black and that is why you are having trouble seeing anything on the sketchbook pages.  the best way i can describe what is in them is like so- there is random scribbled dialogue, random scribbled figures, layouts and preliminary thumbnails for certin pages...some pages where i was modifying what characters should look like and some pages where is was just screwing around.  uhm...i dunno.  looking at it like if they where similarly filled with things from someone i'm a fan of who is on a similar level with Arsenic Lullaby like a David Bosewell (although...have i passed him up?  at this point?  i think probably by default i have) i would defiantly do what i could to win one.  

I honesly don't remember what's in all of them but the most recent one is mostly full of stuff from the final issue. 

as for the other stuff. the ornaments are hand PAINTED this year.  i might make more i might not.  the hoodies turned out very good, i even wear one. the shirts you've see before and i think that's it.  the back issues that you see for sale have nothing to do with us. 


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