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            Cure depression and old white guys's been a month and i think we can safely call my post convention malaise- depression.  I'm not new to it, in fact I've been through this in my life often enough that it is no longer a life crippling mental ailment but an annoyance.  In my younger days this feeling would have all the normal symptoms lack of energy, isolation, thoughts of suicide and despair, because you think it will never end.  You think there is no "after" this is how you feel and you have no way of getting past it, no idea how to make it go away, and no solution on the horizon.  Now adays, i just view it as a cold.  in a short period of time it will go away whether i do all sorts of stuff to cure it or i do nothing and wait. Like a cold it comes on usually with no ryme or reason and goes away when it's good and ready. I treat it now like i do a cold, i go about my business and ignore it.  actually i found a combination of ignoring and accepting helps.  like when i chopped off my finger.  i didn't have time to nurse it back to health so i just carried on and every once in awhile bitched that i couldn't get things done fast enough because of it.  

I'd like someone to do a study of depressed people.  have one group do nothing and feel sorry for themselves, one group take pills, and another group ignore it and stay busy. i'm willing to bet they all recover the same timne but the last group didn't waiste two months of thier lives.  The tempting thing about depression is to wallow in it.  think about sad things, listen to morbid/sad music, avoid people, sulk, and lay around doing nothing.  this essentially becomes a perpetual motion machine-your depressed so you don't go out, don't do anything and then you get more depressed because you're not going out and doing anything. I will be self medicating by going out, staying busy, listening to upbeat music and upbeat people and accomplishing little things here and there.  and mostly being annoyed and complaining that i am depressed.  complaining always makes me feel better.

Oh Ted Kennedy the age of 77.  is there a clearer reason for us to introduce term limits to the senate?!  This guy was a senator for over FOUR decades.  which means for four decades the guy didn't have a REAL job, didn't deal with real people, and spent most of his time in Washington...did he truly represent ANYONE given those facts? and i don't care that i disagreed with 99% of what he believed.  I actually want the people who disagree with me to be outspoken, and balls out.  that's how this country should work. You ram through your ideas when your in charge...we ram our ideas through when we are in charge...eventually the things that WORK stay because it would be political suicide to remove them no matter who's harebrained scheme it was.  but even as a liberal you have to wonder if he truly represented anyone but himself after four decades of living in Washington.  

and can someone please shut up Dick Cheney and McCain? please?  as a radical conservative i'm just a little tired of seeing old white guys trying to speak on my behalf.  granted Cheney is an evil genius and can nuke anybody in a debate, we HAVE TO HAVE SOMEONE UNDER 100  who can do the same thing?  we (conservatives) just lost our ass to Obama in no small part due to him being YOUNG and personable.  a while back Dole lost his ass to Clinton who again won in no small part due to being young and personable. BUSH W beat Gore and Kerry because they were stiff and had no personality.  do you see a pattern here republican party?  GET RID OF THESE OLD GLUE HORSES and get someone WITH A PULSE.  

EVERYBODY...turn on c-span today...ALL YOU SEE ARE OLD WHITE GUYS.  and when i say old i don't mean Stallon or Vince mcmahon who are old but still healthy and full of piss and vinegar, i mean old like Yoda, and Andy Rooney.  uninspiring, wrinkled, deadpan, droning on, all of them are lifetime politicians.  LET'S GET RID OF THESE GUYS.  we can all agree on that can't we?  that a 70 year old politician who's been in Washington the majority of his life is a poor choice to represent you. they are all WAY WAY WAY WAAYYY out of touch with the rest of us.  and i haven't even mentioned the corruption yet.  see corruption takes time.  if you are going to do something illegal you want to feel the person out a little before you run the idea past him.  if we keep the turnover rate higher it slows down the corruption.  not completely but it'll help right?

right now we have the house of representatives full of grandpa Simpson's who are not going to leave until they die...and we can't figure out why Washington never gets anything done.

so this week we got rid of one grandpa Simpson due to a politician i respect him because he was a hardheaded asshole who didn't care about compromise. i wish the republicans had more people like that (only younger of course) on a personal level he should be buried at sea (in Chappaquiddick) in a 60's Buick...because we all know he killed that girl. 

in closing i am posting some links to our myspacepage and some facebook pages (although i do not endorse using facebook becuase it is impossible to figure out and is full of old people) becuase many of you are asking if we have a presance on these sites.  we do, here they are, but because they don't make me any money i don't really plug them.  anyhoo here they are.


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