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Ill give YOU some advice


Hereís an interesting e-mail I got yesterday from Öoh letís call him Jagdork87


ďwas your writing ability linked to your finger, because thatís the last good blog you wrote.  Some of us donít read comics (except for yours) and donít want to read about comic book conventions and your petty agreement with some comic book reviewer.  The whole thing makes you seem petty.  Go back to talking about politics if you have to but enough about the boring world of comics.Ē


Lemme tell you something jagdork87Öyouíre probably right, so I apologize for giving you a mean name.


AND you may be onto something, do painkillers affect your decision making somehow?  I don't know anything about drugs and for all i know these are just sugar pills.  But since taking them I havenít been able to make up my mind on much of anything for the last couple of weeks.  I have pages and pages of thumbnails I canít seem to decide on.  I canít muster up an opinion on any of the current newsÖitís either the drugs (which given the pathetic amount I actually take is unlikely) or maybe Iím just completely gun-shy since my carelessness in the garage finally caught up with me.  One time long ago my friend and I where putting a rebuilt engine into a 79 mustang and to make sure it lined up I was underneath the car INSIDE the engine compartment guiding it in basically on top of me as he lowered the engine hoistÖat that very moment a drunken third party drove up the driveway and rear ended the car nearly causing a 500 pound engine to drop right on top of me.   The drunk was promptly dealt with and Ten minutes later we went right back to doing it the same way.  But after chop/spinning my finger off I have been reluctant to even go into my garage.  Itís not that im scaredÖmore that I realize how recklessly I go about doing things and how stupid it is to do things that wayÖbut if I have to do things safely it just isnít going to be fun and It will require more patience than I have. 


The whole fun of hot rodding cars is the lack of finesse I use. After hours of using a brush to carefully lay down details on paper, going into the garage and just going at the car with some power tools and no real plan of attack is very liberating.  If I have to be precise and careful then whatís the fun?


onto my indecisiveness-


 Ms. California made some comment about not believing in gay marriage and is catching all sorts of hell for it and the pageant committee is being pressured to strip her of her title.  NowÖI have said before I donít believe in gay marriage either but donít really care on way or the other and would happily vote to keep government out of marriage altogether even if it meant that gays could marry.   HOWEVERÖI have to be consistent and say I donít think that a ms. California should be opening her piehole about that sort of thing at all.  I donít want to here what woopie Goldberg thinks, what Alec Baldwin thinks, or any other celebrities opinion on anything and so ms. California needs to shut her mouth as well.  Shut up all you celebrities.  On the third hand she was ASKED the question, so what is she supposed to do?


I am annoyed with the left wingers who are beating up on her who cheer whenever some asshole actor pipes up about how they hate republicans.  Letís stay consistent everybodyÖand tell celebrities to shut up.


Also this week former green bay packer great Brett farve is almost certainly going to come out of retirement to play for green bays HATED rivals the Minnesota Vikings.  According to sources this is purely out of spite and a fuck you to green bay for not letting him come back to the team after he retired tio first time.


Iím torn again.  I think that once you are at the top of your game like Brett is the rules SHOULD bend for youÖbecause you have earned it.  the same rules that apply to a second string linebacker should NOT apply to the greatest quarterback of modern times.  HOWEVERÖgoing to the Vikings?  You son of bitch you.  You are the deformed huntchback that sold out to the Persians in the movie 300.  and a big part of me says ďbring it you bastardÖbring it onÖbring your old wrinkled ass back here in your little purple jersey.  itís about time your brainless interception and undisciplined flathatting through a game tipped the scales in the packers favor.  I canít wait to see you getting drilled into the turn by some ruthless animal who isnít even old enough to remember when you won the superbowl.  Thatís what waiting for you buddy.  Some 20 year old human machine who doesnít know or care about anything you did in the past and wants to make his bones by popping lose the bottom three ribs of the immortal brett farve.  On the other hand,  I kinda would like to seem him stuff it up the ass of the green bay packers management for giving him the bums rush.  It would be sweet to see the general manager have to sit and watch this old timer make fools of his top 4 defensive draft picks.


See what I meanÖI just canít focus on an opinion.  I hope itís not the painkillers because a. Iím starting to like them and b. at the pathetic rate Iím going through them I might not even be in to refill the prescription until the next superbowl.  For evenyone who assumes Iím on drugs when I write arsenic lullaby, I have a bottle of generic vicatin pills and Iíve been cutting them in half because a whole one just takes me down for an entire day.  Maybe I should look at that as a blessing. I should get addicted to crack or something because it would only cost me 100.00 to stay high for the rest of my life.



comments? concerns?



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