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All you left wingers out there…this should be good times for you.  you should be enjoying yourself.  “shameful joy” is a German phrase which means finding happiness in the HARDSHIP of others.  If you can get into “shameful Joy” then these are salad days for you my friend, and here’s to you.  I take no offense and frankly I’ve done plenty of laughing at the left when there where circling their wagons in the past.  Have yourself a good laugh, the republicans and the conservative movement is an absolute mess right now.


And can I just say…as a conservative…that we desperately need some gay people.  For crying out loud who is dressing our spokespeople? Limbaugh gave some speech last weekend in an all black suit with a big collar with the top two buttons unbuttoned.  He looked like darth vader at his retirement party.  And the goof they had give the republican rebuttal for the state of the union…what’s with his fuckin hair? …look this is the age of image you can’t show up on a news program with a ten dollar haircut, and a suite you pulled off the mannequin at Sears.  We lost our ass this election and a now lot of stuff is passing that we strongly disagree with.  This is politics right?  Time for some compromising…let’s let the gays get married or have kids if that’s the way they wanna go out.  If that’s the nightmare they want so bad…Let’s  let them have it and get them on board so they can teach our people something about style and image.


Those of you paying attention to the Rush Limbaugh vs Obama and the Republicans who are not familiar with Rush might be confused, surprised, dumbfounded at the whole thing.  Let me sum it up for you from my humble perspective…  


Rush said on his radio show that he disagrees with everything Obama is trying to do and he hopes he fails.  then Obama responded by lecturing the republicans to stop listening to him.  since then it's kinda gone back and forth, With some republicans getting on his case asking him to tone it down and with Limbaugh firing back at EVERYONE. fed up.  At this point let me ask you to read this under the intention of just understanding the guy and not from the intention of waiting until I’m done to leave a comment about how Rush is a big fat jerk.  Because if you do that you’re missing out on all the real fun, and you are grossly underestimating (if you are a liberal) your political adversary.  This is a blog in which you can feel someones pain…where we can stop clawing at each other for a second and lean over and say “man, I feel your pain buddy…we had to deal with the same shit 8 years ago…”


Rush Limbaugh is fed up.   He has a lot of clout…his radio show has 20 million listeners a day…an estimated 40 individual million listeners a week.  And since he is a republican you can pretty much attribute any republican victory in the past 20 years to his show/20 million listeners (40 million total...and just for the sake of argument we'll say HALF are republicans...half just find the show interesting or are democrats how like to drive themselves nuts).  If he where a democrate…you’d better believe the other democrats wouldn’t be giving him a shit sandwich right now.   But that’s what the republicans are doing to Rush.  They didn’t listen to him the entire election campaign…they nominated someone he disagrees with to the core.  which really tied his hands as far as stopping Obama.  All Rush could do is say Obama’s no good…he couldn’t say Obama is no good but  Macain IS good.  Rush's 20 million faithful knew full well Rush couldn't stand McCain And the republicans lost their ass.


I’d like you to note here that Limbaugh’s ratings haven’t gone down…his numbers are as high as ever.  So it is clear that the republicans not Rush have took a big hit this election.  The republicans not Rush have lost their grass roots support.   So what we have is a guy who has carried the republican party for decades…who is just as influential as ever TRYING…to get the republicans back on message,  Back to yelling the conservative principles that they used to stand for and that Limbaugh used to get them elected over and over.  Think back lefties to how nerve racking it was losing the presidency twice…loosing the senate and the house six times in a row…you were getting your asses kicked by Rush Limbaugh’s message of conservatism.  Republicans decided to try a new spin this time…lost their ass, and won't admit why.


Limbaugh knows why…just like he knows why they where winning before.  They went moderate and lost.  Just like the democrats went moderate all those times they where losing.  Being a moderate does not inspire people.  Obama was no moderate.  He went out…spoke of far left policies, said the republicans where full of shit…and he won.  Even if people don’t buy everything you’re selling they can tell when you believe in yourself.  And when you paint yourself as a moderate…when you act middle of the road…they see a wishy washy loser.   And the choice between someone who believes in himself and someone who doesn’t is an easy choice. 


So now Rush… has the choir of getting the republicans to stop crying to stop being moderates and most importantly to stand up to Obama against the policies that Rush honestly feels are bullshit.


Here is where the fun comes in for you guys on the left…the republicans don’t want to do it.  They are scared of Obama, they are sending guys to the forefront like Steele (the new head of the republicans) who come across like tired old bureaucrats.  Guys who can’t articulate the message, guys who don’t believe in conservatism, middle of the road moderates, and they are getting chewed up and spit out.  And all Rush can do is scream from the sidelines. In football terms- He’s like a running back who knows that the opposition can’t stop his running game but has to sit there on the bench and watch his team throw the ball for one interception after the next.  And to make things worse he’s played this team before and crushed them with the running game…but no one will listen.  They just keep throwing the ball.  So he is right now on the sidelines kicking his helmet in the air and slapping the clipboard out of the coach’s hand.


We have Limbaugh wasting time arguing with his own party, the republicans wasting time arguing with him, and as soon as it starts to die down Obama mentions Limbaugh in a speech (very shrewdly) instigating the entire thing over again. 


It is an absolute mess.  Limbaugh wants the republicans to attack, the republicans just want to lick their wounds, and while all this goes on Obama gets a free pass on his actions and policies because not only is Limbaugh entangled with infighting…all the other conservative talk show hosts have jumped into the fray on his behalf…instead of focusing on Obama and the democrats.


The solution seems obvious to me…simply learn from the democrats…they where getting pounded when they where sending moderates up for election so this time they had two hard core lefties in the primaries…it energized the party it gave a clear message and they steamrolled the republicans.  The republicans need to do the same thing next time.  And if I where them and I wanted to win…I’d listen to the guy who can give you a 20 million vote head start…but that’s just me…I like winning.  


we'll see where it all goes...but this just shows you the mentality of the politician.  you have a guy who started with a little radio show on a little station and grew it into 500 stations...and yet Steele (the republican politician) who probably got elected by a couple thousand votes thinks he knows how to communicate better than they guy on the air in 500 cities.  you're a reasonable person...if your very life depended on getting a point across and you could pick between Rush Limbaugh helping you or some jerk off senator, who would you pick?  




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