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Why don't you call Danny Gokey?


ever hear a news story and think you must be imagining it?  I'm sitting in my office half listening to the radio when i hear that the mayor of Milwaukee was attacked with a lead pipe at the state fair...i turned and blinked twice and then leapt turn up the volume.  

before i get into that i have to say that my new neighbors are complete assholes.  actually lets make that dipshits. "asshole" implies some sort of motivation or purpose to the nonsense.  Unlike the black community i haven't spent a whole lot of time in the Latino community.  i've dated some, i've worked with alot of them, but haven't really every gotten the feel for them as a whole.  and as i am the kind of guy who judges a whole race by one or two Latinos out there better get ready for a big does of being looked down on.

first, the broad is in her early twenties and already fat. it is a testament to the dairy industry in this state that we can make any race on earth fat in two generations, there are fat Chinese kids running around here for god's sake.  about a month ago i find out the old broad who was living below me was moving out and taking her birds with her.  she had a unique breed of bird that thought it was a rooster and thought dawn was 23 hours a day.  the real irritating thing was in the dead of winter you would wake up to chirping birds and think it was spring only to look out the window and see a glacier. so she moves out and in moves this fat latin broad with (i am told two kids, but at any given time there seems to be 38 future felons running around...oh what's that? i'm an asshole for assuming they are going to grow up and be felons?  a watched the three year old pound a screwdriver into the neighbors window screen for ten minutes yesterday.  why didn't i stop him?  because i hate that neighbor too and my best way out might be if this guy starts complaining to my landlord about the daycare center being run downsatirs.) anyways...she doesn't have keys to the want to know why? i'll tell you why.  when i offered to give her my keys to go get copies made she said she didn't have the money for it until her child support check comes in.  well...let me tell you i almost fell over when i found out she wasn't married! job, lives off of child support, no husband, two kids ( at least) fat, loud, stupid, doubt she won't be on the market for long...did i mention she has a plasma t.v.?   her kids sound like howler monkeys, she plays loud horrible music ( and i don't mean Latino music which i like...i mean like pat benatar, celine dion...dreadful)  and i have bitched at her about 12 times since she moved in to keep here noise down and her kids quite. I'm actually just waiting for an adapter to come in which will allow me to plug my 5 hp air compressor into the outlet that the oven is currently plugged into.  i figure running the air compressor on the hardwood floor every hour on the hour from midnight until 9 am for a week or so should get my point across.  but maybe not.  the dumb broad seems to have no clue as to the fact that she is a complete waist of a life and that her kids are doomed. she's five two and 180ish and wears might not be able to make a dent in this one.  the wall rattling vibrations from my air compressor might just be another harsh bit of reality that she is oblivious to.

see this is the breed of cat that is ruining our world...idiots and the children of idiots that crap out kids that they have no means to raise... no financial means, no mental capacity or maturity or patience to raise...they just crap out the kids take the check from the state and in 14-15 years thier children go from being a minor annoyance to them to a big fucking problem for the rest of us.  of course in between then and now they get to have all sorts of fun juvenile drama with their babies daddies and the parade of other fucktards that come over to pump some more sperm up there, because no amount of sex followed immediately by pregnancy followed by a child falling out of their dress will be enough for them to figure out what all those condom commercials are blathering about. 


90% of the problems in this city lead right to assholes who had kids with no plan.  either the kid grows up with no dad/no dicipline and turns into a problem, or the parents of out of wedlock kids are causing drama with each other.  it's not gangs, not drugs, not poverty...these are the symptoms of the problem.  think about it.  if these assholes where raising thier kids...together WITH A PLAN...they wouldn't have time for all the other crap.  and i know all sorts of college feminists are going to crawl up my ass for this but too bad, and by the way college feminists are not crapping out a bunch of kids by different dads...we are going to have to FOR THE SAKE OF SOCIETY...start looking down on women who have kids out of wedlock...AND THE ASSHOLES  who knock them up and don't raise the kid.  a kid needs a Dad and a Mom...PERIOD. and don't bother me with examples of kids who turned out okay or single parents who do a good job THEY ARE THE EXEPTION...come to milwaukee and i'll show you the norm.  we have been the teenage pregnancy capitol of the

U.S. for about a decade.  we need to look down on all of them and the ones who don't deserve it are just going to have to take it for the team, becuase it's better to look down on a couple people who don't deserve it then have an entire generation of idiots think it's perfectly okay to try to raise a kid by yourself with NO PLAN.

back to the mayor...who as luck would have it managed to meet just the kind of people i am talking abouty.  the news reported that he (the mayor) was leaving the state fair, walking to his car, when he heard a woman yell "call 911".  mayor dumbass wanders over into what the police call "a domestic dispute". some 20year old idiot is drunk and demanding to see his 1 year old child and the kids grandma (were is mom? who the fuck knows!) is screaming at him. the mayor tells the guy to calm down and that he is going to call 911.  the mayor calmly reaches into his pocket for his cell phone and the man then beats him silly with a pipe.  welcome to Milwaukee county Mr. mayor the land of idiots who where raised by underage or just young and stupid single parents, who crap out kids as fast as they can because the state gives them money to raise them (which they spend on TV's instead of ...oh... KEYS TO LOCK THEIR HOUSE) the land of street gangs, thugs, and any other element that overflows from
Chicago.  and this asshole mayor wants us to all ride mass transit. he is constantly pushing to spend tax money on trolleys. The one rare ocassion when the mayor didn't have a limo or security he manages to get beat with a pipe, and he wants US to pay for trolleys and ride them to work everyday along with whatever random citizen stubbles on.  

70% of this city is a hellhole, and he is mayor of the hellhole, and it is nothing short of justice in my eyes that some drunk 20year old thug brained him with a pipe in a parking lot while arguing over what is probably ONE of a half a dozen kids he has by different mothers.

the injustice is that the police actually showed up...which wouldn't happen for you or I, and started a county wide manhunt until the suspect was caught.  they even released the guys name, which is against policy until the person is actually charged.  The police chief called the mayor a hero...the police chief is the direct employee of the mayor so...why don't you just kiss his as literally, it would be less transparent than you sucking up after the mayor was attacked in the city it is YOUR responsibility to patrol and keep safe.

of course If i was the police office who answered the 911 call i would have told him to go ask Danny Gokee for help.  Danny if you missed that bog ( is the American idol contestant who was from Milwaukee that the mayor DECLARED A CITY DAY FOR...DANNY GOKEY DAY :).  he got the key to the city or something along with a parade and some other bullshit.  i'LL JUST BET that if all the money that was wasted on that had been saved for extra law enforcement at the state fairgrounds (which has trouble EVERY YEAR) that there may have been a cop around to stop the mayor from getting tenderized.  so i guess i have to thank Danny for that.  his money wasting allowed the mayor a good taste of the city his policies are responsible for.

I will wait patiently to see if the mayorally nominated judges give this "suspect" a free pass like they do so many other dangerous idiots that make Milwaukee their home.  The news reported that the mayor hurt his hand fighting back...which is considered disorderly conduct around here.  if you fight back you are considered not defending yourself but one of two people acting disorderly in public.  so i'll also wait patiently to hear when the mayor get's charged for that.  

I just want you all to remember this because ultimately the idiots downstairs will be screaming at each other and i'll have to go down and tell them to shut the fuck up and the babies daddy will come at me and I'll have to pound him, and he may run off afterwards...what are the odds the chief of police will call me a hero? the odds the police will put out a county wide manhunt? zero...on the other hand the odds of ME being at the receiving end of a pipe beating is are also zero.  

in closing....don't have kids unless you are married and have money and your own house. and i'm not saying this because i'm religious or a prude i'm saying this because when you have kids without a husband, and you have no job they turn out like crap.  loud screaming piles of human crap...that grow up and make more human crap. 

in my world everyone involved in the beating of the mayor would be sterilized.  the 20 year old dad with the pipe, the mayor for being so stupid as to get within arms reach or an armed drunken thug (i'm going to make a wild guess here and say you could probably tell by looking at the guy he was ready to snap) the mother of the child if she can be found, and everyone around who let this goof beat a 55 year old man (the mayor) and didn't step in.  i don't like the mayor but at some point it's your civic duty to stop a crime...just make sure you run away afterwards so you don't get a ticket...and finally everyone at the state fair...i know some good people are going to get sterilized on this one but you are just going to have to take one for the team. if everyone at the fair is sterilized this city might actually drop out of the "top ten fattest cities in the u.s



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." in a generation or two.

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