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the impossible contest ends?


well let me say i am fairly disgusted that so many of you did so well.  Frankly i din't think anyone but maybe Vince (last years winner) would get more than 15 correct answers.  as it turned out ten of you got close enough to win and TWO people tied for first.  IbeforeJ and Vince have been put through a second level of impossible questions and with ONE question left Vince is one point behind.  this means that if they both get this correct or both fail IbeforJ walks away with THE ORIGINAL ART FROM THE COVER OF ARSENIC LULLABY PULP EDITION ZERO!


if they tie i will cut it in half and give them each one half...oh yes, yes i would. and i would enjoy it.  you see the impossible contest was just supposed to be a way of me weaseling out of coming up with a clever blog for a couple of one was supposed to win last year and DEFIANTLY no one was supposed to win this year. BUT SUCH IS LIFE.

OR ...if they tie, and BOTH AGREE...they can risk it ALL and go another round of five questions...the winner then gets the whole thing to his or herself.   BUT the winner must get at least 4 out of five questions correct. if not then the artwork stays with me and you both get the middle finger.  Joe W. my sometime editor and possibly the only true adult i know will review the questions to ensure that they are no worse than previous rounds and i am not just loading 5 questions without answers so i can keep the artwork.

 now, have managed to get picture up for the final question of the impossible contest

i was beginning to think the thing i was photographing was cursed.  it refused to photograph, refused to save to the stick, the first camera just decided to stop working all together.  THEN i lost it. anyway below you will find pictures of an item.

whomever figures out what this is the most accurately (show your work i.e.tell us what websites, books, research, local janitor how knows everything, lead you to this conclusion) gets the point.  

Joe W. my sometime editor  will be the ultimate judge as to win, lose, tie. 

you may ask all the questions you want and you may ask them and receive the answers in private e-mails so as to not give your competitor any leads. BUT if you ask for more pictures i will post them here.

ladies and have 10 days to answer