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          ...dialogue parts one and two

okay, you conservatives...and liberals, pay attention.  this is how you exchange ideas.  My last blog was on how communism sucks.  i EXPLAINED WHY, didn't call anyone any names, didn't talk down to anyone, and didn't talk over anyone.

in return i got many level headed responses and questions in my e-mail and a few on my myspace, and as it turns I out made some sense to people who normally think conservatives are all assholes.  it's not that hard, just be a person. 

following that here is a response from Rahubi (i think that's spelled wrong, i forgot to double check...anyhow it's also on my myspace page)

i realize the point of this post is to compare capitalism to a turd but just because an idea someone has is in one of the empty promises of communism doesnt make that idea a step toward communism automatically.

yes it does.  anytime the government takes over something that the people have, had or are capable of handling themselves, that IS communism.  and communism takes over in steps.  Marx himself (or maybe it was bearded Russian guys all blur together) that you have to do it little by little.   the logical response to this would be that -the people can't handle health care or education themselves.  that is debatable.  what is NOT debatable is that the government in over 200 years has proven that IT CAN'T.  Look at the track record of the is awful.  we need to realize that the government is not some kindly referee and realize that the "government" is hundreds of thousands of individuals who are every bit greedy, incompetent, and lazy as any person.  EXCEPT that once the government takes over something you no longer have a competitor to go to.  don't like burger king fries?  you can go to McDonalds.  but if government runs fast food you are stuck with burger kings shitty fries.  translate that to health care.  and WORSE education.  if you don't like what your kid is being taught in a private school you can send him somewhere else.  but if there are NO private schools and some government dipshit decides that math is not as important as learning to recycle...well tough shit your kid never learns to balance his check book and puts those recycling skills to work when he's homeless and digging through the garbage.

it is my belief that things like universal healthcare and greatly improving education really can help capitalism. the greatest thing about the idea of capitalism is the sudden social mobility that in other societies was nonexistent.

LISTEN DIRECTLY TO ME...ALL YOU LIBERALS.  conservative ALSO want better health care, better schools, to get rid of poverty...we just DON'T WANT THE GOVERNMENT INVOLVED.  for all the reasons i have mentioned.

where i'm going with this is a person of otherwise high intelligence could go to waste simply by being raised in an area with a shit public school system or in a family that cant afford the american healthcare system. then keep in mind that any job paying an adult wage requires a (completely non related) 4-year degree (simply so that the people hiring you think you know how to use microsoft office). if someone cant afford to go to college (since it would either require you to go into an unreasonable amount of debt or have had the dumb luck to have been born of responsible well-off parents) you'd be lucky to break 12 bucks an hour without working a mindless job in a factory.

With all due respect..FEH!  the vast vast VAST majority of wealth in this country is still created by the first generation to get it- meaning the number of people who are rich because they where born rich is miniscule.  the real advantage rich people have over poor is NOT the money they are born with but the ATTITUDE and the people they surround themselves with.  if you surround yourself with losers with shitty attitudes're not going to get anywhere.  but if you surround yourself with positive people you shave a much better example to follow upwards.  

AND i never went to college ( no..i wait i went ot 6 months) I make an adult wage,  AND i was making an adult wage before this as a mechanic.  my friend is a mechanic, he never went to college, two of my friends are business owners who never went to college and they are very well off. in fact all the people i know who went to college are working FOR PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T.  this BS about having to go to college to make a living is a bunch of shit.   Not being able to afford college (and by the way there are a zillion grants and scholarships out their if you look and work hard enough...if you don't well then don't go to college) just means you have a 4 year head start (and a HUGE financial head start because you have NO college bills). believe it or not that levels the playing field quite a bit. the way i worked in a factory once too (johnson wax...i'll tell you about it sometime) and so do many of my family members.  and in this country the low end at a factory makes 18.00 an hour with benefits and with a little ambition can easily move past the other mouth breathers into a supervisor position, or fork truck operator or machine operator and then your talking 50-60,000 a year.  how long before your average fellow with a degree in fine art makes that kind of money?

I'm sure my friend here will have a response and if i have time this week i'll get to it.  but there you go.  Once again i have to be the shining example of conservatives being able to think and articulate themselves.


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