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            communism- why it sucks


So since Obama came into office all of the conservatives have been fighting over calling Obama a socialist or a progressive or a communist.  It's one of those pointless games where you throw around a word that means a slightly different thing than the other guys.  it's a different shade of red but you make the distinction just to try to sound more learned than the other guy. it's pointless and self serving.  Let me focus on the pointless for a second , you conservative morons.  Liberals aren't stupid, moderates aren't fact i have found most of them to be bright and willing to consider a different view if it's explained.  saying that socialism is bad because it is like progressivism and that's bad because it's like communism ISN'T AN EXPLANATION.  an explanation is "communism is bad because...."


and keep in mind that if you are talking to a college age person they weren't even old enough to read during the cold war...if they where even born.  so if you want someone to understand communism is bad you have to explain why. they weren't around to see the entire nation of Russia starving and anyone saying "i'm hungry this sucks" getting shot in the face by a soilder.

i will now explain it in my own delightful style.  pay attention liberals, and you conservatives just shut up and try not to get in the way.

communism is basically the government running everything, everyone gets paid equal, everyone gets the same care, food, ect.   this is a temping scenario, especially when you don't have much and you see other people who have alot. is, and always has been, a dead end. let's say we have a widget factory, now in capitalism there is incentive to make a better widget than the next factory (giving us all the ability to have better widgets to widget with) and make more widgets (thereby bringing down the price and increasing the supply). the incentive is that you make more money.  you add communism i.e. everyone makes the same no matter what, you cannot move ahead, and the government is always at the top and that incentive is gone...why bother busting your ass to make more widgets?  why bother focusing on how to make a better widget? you going to get paid the same as the hump in the other factory who does the bare minimum anyway.

now in every country there is a small percentage of people who put out extra effort out of pride or inspiration...but that percentage is never enough to advance a culture AND without the $$$ incentive, no one would fund their ideas.  in the end no widget advancements take place...widget production and quality drops and this is across the board- health care advancements, automotive, technological, food and agriculture grind to a halt.  this is what happens every time it happened in Russia, in Cuba, in all the eastern block countries. It failed in the very first communities that settled in this country

all through time communism has had the same effect...that country it takes over ceases to advance.  People have advanced by leaps and bounds since capitalism really took hold in this country.  the strange new concept that ANYONE could better themselves.  that if you where on the bottom you didn't have to stay there. a system was set up where inventing things, improving things, changing things added up to $$$.  and low and behold people started inventing things, and improving things and changing things.  the world went from candles and horseback of the previous 5000 years to jet airplanes and T.V. in under 200 years.  this is because of the culture that was set something better and get $$$.

communism takes all that away. in communism you do something better and often times you get thrown in jail because it makes everyone else look bad.  

back to the communist widget factory where EVERYONE gets paid the same, the manager, the college educated supervisor and the lazy hump manning the switches all get the same money no matter what...the manager has no incentive to keep his employees happy or hire better employees creating a healthy competition that improves the plant.  the worker has no incentive to say "hey i noticed that the widget line would move faster if..." the supervisor has no incentive to say "hey this widget might be better if..."

making everything equal means we all are at the level of the laziest most unmotivated humps.

You take away the free market capitalist system (flawed though it is at times) and replace it with communism (even more flawed AND ultimately oppressive) and things come to a grinding halt, people starve 

Look at your own life, the places you hard would everyone work if there was no $ at the end of the rainbow?  how hard would they study?  would they bother going into the fields they are going into? bother to spend 8 years of college to get the same $$ as they guy flipping burgers? a SMALL percentage.  but not enough.

and that's why communism sucks.  it stifles advancement, it oppresses it's people, it is founded on not understanding the human condition.  it is for cynical people who can't think three steps ahead.  

you cannot force people to be creative, to be inventive, to be ambitious...people either do it out of inspiration or greed.  and communism takes that away form 99.999 percent of it's people and the rest of the people are just taken away. 

AND the theory of communism fails to take into account that the evil, greedy corporate types that it was created to thwart are smart enough to get into the upper crust of communist government.  meaning, the evil greedy corporate guy is now a government leader who doesn't even have to bother making better widgets for us to buy to be rich.  he mearly has to stay in power...which is real easy since they RUN THE NEWSPAPERS, THE T.V. STATIONS, THE SCHOOLS.  People who live in communist countries have NO WAY of getting information other than what the communist government wants them to get. 

because AFTER the country grinds to a hault the government officials who are NOT being affected by the lack of advancement have to stop the people from seeing that the rest of the world is passing them by. because if they did that those officials be blamed, they would have to answer alot of questions like "why do you keep leaving the country for health care?  how come YOU aren't living in poverty?" and they would lose power in a possibly violent way.  So, no news is reported other than what the government okay's (china for example restricts the internet to a stifling degree) and if you are caught learning of the outside world or worse...communicating what you have learned they lock you up...again see the U.S.S.R., communist china, Cuba, ect ect.  in fact look up Tiananmen square; that was where a bunch of Chinese college students tried to have a peaceful protest and explain to there fellow man that in other countries you made more that .15 a day, and didn't starve to death while the government kept all the wealth for itself...they got run over with tanks, shot to death, and imprisoned for life.  

and sometimes they aren't even guilty of rebellion.  Dictators always become this painting harmless or is there a hidden meaning?  what does this song really mean?  is this movie secretly about me?  in Communist Cuba the musicians, and artists where the second to be thrown in jail, right behind the religious leaders.


The communist government shackled by it's own dumbass ideology cannot compete with the capitalist countries in technology, health care, quality of life EDUCATION( they can't actually teach their citizens free thought, history or problem solving because then they would take that knowledge and rebel...and there simply isn't time to teach them that anyway because they have to spent 8 ours teaching them about how great their government is) and have to make questioning government, learning of other countries and RELIGION against the law and punishable by death.  they attack religion first because the government has to be the supreme being.  if there is ANY other higher power, then questioning the government is reasonable and the whole house of cards falls.

the OTHER  big piece of the human pie that communism forget about is that businesses are run by people who understand that business.  a widget company president most times spent his whole life 60-70 hours a week learning the ins and outs of business and widgets.  out of greed or ambition or some other personal drive this person knows everything there is to know about the widget industry.  you cannot just replace that guy with a generic government official and hope that that company survives. It won't.  while we see alot of rich people who are expendable ..the paris hiltons and carson daily's...many of them are very skilled and have very hard jobs that require alot of specific knowledge.  Government officials know about government and widget makers know about widgets.  once in a blue moon there is one that can cross over...but it's not the norm.  because if a government official was good at running a widget company HE'D BE RUNNING A WIDGET COMPANY.


SO now you know why every time the government makes a move to take over something, to level the playing field, to punish the rich, we conservative bristle and only seems like a good idea. but it's not, it's been tried and while capitalism has it's problems it's done more for mankind than any government has communist or otherwise.


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