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Picking teams


First off.i need to stop watching Rachel Maddow, because the combination of me being infatuated with her and being driven crazy by her shows content is bound to produce some sort of conditioned response were I start getting erections  when ever a butch clerk at the shoe store pisses me off.


Onto what drove me crazy on the right side of the isle, are you sitting down liberals, cause I;m on your side yet again.  It's time for Palin to go away.  Enough Sarah Palin.  It,s time for her and Seth Rogan, to get on a rocket ship pointed at the sun.  they are both at best sup par at their jobs and getting WAY to much face time.  They are the two headed monster of being famous for being famous, having never done anything worth while.


Second- trail balloons (for those of you not hip to political lingo, this is when you say something that is supposed to seem off the cuff but is really planned and said to gauge people reactions) are being floated for Dick Cheney running for president.  If that is the best the republicans can do then why don't they just have their convention at the bottom of the ocean.  Dick Cheney is even OLDER AND WHITER than the last old white guy that got his ass kicked.  Did they learn anything?!  We are sick of old white guys. And as a far right winger, I agree with 99% of what he,s saying but can,t we find ANYONE ELSE to say it?  Like I said in the podcast if he's the only one we have who can articulate our views then lets at least build a young hip looking robot and let him control it from a distance. BUT DON,T SEND UP ANOTHER OCTOGENARIAN FOR YOUR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.  Image matters and you should have learned that when Nixon lost to Kennedy.


Onto the lefties and this kid in Texas who refuses to say the pledge of allegiance until gays get the right to vote.

You assholes parading this kid around is just as stupid and maybe even MORE stupid than our side parading Palin around.  IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?  Lets focus on this kid for a moment.  He's TEN!!!!!!!  A ten year old has ZERO concept of what marriage is, what sex is, what an adult relationship is or what GAY is.  GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND THINK.  Think back to when you were had no grasp of any of these concepts.  NONE ZERO NADDA.  HE'S FUCKING TEN. ASSHOLES. Or would you like to admit that your adult grasp of these concepts is no higher than that of a ten year old? and please...don't prove yourself to be a complete moron by saying something like "kids know a lot more about sex now than when we were kids."  he's not even going to have a wet dream for like three years and anyway i though gay marriage was about love and relationships?  subjectS this ten year old HAS NO CONCEPT OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 let's focus on his little stand against the establishment your all so proud of.  He is either being used by his parents or more likely being a pain in the ass for the sake of being a pain in the ass.  THINK! picture a ten year old,picture one in your head...I,ll even let you picture a smart one,do you think for one single second this little asshole actually gives a flying fuck? HE DOESN,T!  He,s being a pain in the ass for the sake of attention and all you dumbasses are giving it to him and creating a future BIG PAIN IN THE ASS.  Let,s fast forward to this kid as a grown up.  You ever wonder where all the assholes come from?  All the asshole who bug you all week long at work with rules are rules?  Or clog up traffic by protesting things that no one else gives a shit about?  How about all the assholes that clog up the court system with frivolous lawsuits or get sponsors to stop supporting your favorite show because it said something non PC?  THIS IS WHERE THEY COME FROM!  And you are helping create one. one that is by the way just as likely to COMPLETELY SHIFT HIS VEIW POINT BY THE WAY BEFORE HE REACHES ADULT HOOD...while still retaining the urge to be a pain in the ass. 

 This is an ADULT ISSUE that THINKING (you remember what thinking is right?) adults should be dealing with.  Are you so desperate for a hero that your going to prop up an asshole ten year old who just wants to stir up some trouble?  Believe me when I tell you that if they just told him to shut the fuck up and say the pledge he would seek out attention by egging your window or vandalizing your car, or bullying some other kid.  He is just a pain in the balls ten year old who caught lighting in a bottle because A BUNCH OF DUMBASS, KNEE JERK, LIBERALS ARE SO STUPID AS TO THINK HE CARES AND SO DESPERATE TO KEEP A ISSUE in the news that 75% OF THE POPULATION DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT that he's getting to see himself on the news every day.  Re-read what I just wrote.  WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE AND FOISTING A TEN YEAR OLD ON US ISN'T GOING TO MAKE US CARE. You lose every single time you present this issue to the voters. why not INSTEAD of making yourselves look like complete FOOLS by making this kid some sort of poster child, you rethink how you want to pitch this concept to the voters. MAYBE...just maybe if you changed your approach to this you might get some traction.

  AND again there is the real possibility that he,s just being used by his parents.  Which if you break it down is pretty sick.  It's sick to parade a confused ten year old who doesn't have the life experience or mental grasp of the topic he's spouting off about in front of the whole world.  It's no less  sick than ten year old beauty pageant contestants, child actors who are forced into it by their parents, or Madonna adopting children we all know full well she will have no actual hand in raising in between her 20 hour work days and traveling around the world touring.  And They may be putting this kids life in danger.  he's ten, he should be doing homework, playing video games, playing sports and shutting the fuck up.


You people need to use that grey mush between your ears before you pick your heroes.




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