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Okay, so the pilot is done and currently ending up on the desks of development people for various networks and production companies. This is a long process so there is no need to ask me how it's going. Perhaps i've been standoffish about all this and maybe even come across like a dick. so let's imagine for a moment that this is important to me and alot of other people are counting on me to pull this off. If i found out my kid might have a disease and wouldn't have the results back for months would you continualy ask me if there is any word on it? and if a did would you be suprised if i didn't want to talk about it? i don't have any kids, i got a cartoon. so...i don't want to talk about it.

Having said that here's the nuts and bolts of it. The pilot actually ran a little long, it was only suposed to be 22 minutes and 30 seconds. ours is almost a half an hour, but that's not really a problem. It has Baron Von Donut story, a Voodoo Joe story, and a story about some satan worshipers that are all connected by a short epilogue. We couldn't finish the Tex Buckaroo or the Clot stories in time but we're gonna finish those hopefully before December. Regaurdless of this getting picked up by a network (even in this day and age some excects may be skitish about putting our brand of humor on thier airwaves)this is the direction we are going to continue with. it's a hell of alot more fun than just doing a comic book, and now that we sort of know what we are more labor intensive. as for this episode, I'd say it's pretty good. parts of it still make me laugh even though i've seem the thing a zillion times. it is at least as good a first episode of a cartoon as the first issue of Arsenic Lullaby was a comic book. and ...strangly enough, i like working with other people. most of the voice actors didn't get much direction from me...they didn't need it. apparently Arsenic Lullaby is alot funnier in your heads than it is in mine, by that i mean that when they read thier lines it was funnier that what i had in my own head. I did a couple of the voices when needed, and some of the animation that i couldn't explain properly to Chris or "M".

Here's how i went down...and i'm explaining how we did it because it will help no one because this s NOT the proper way to do a cartoon. i did the storyboards...taking them right from the comics. then drew out the "cells" for Chris to animate. then "M" colored them and moved onto also animating. while that was going on i was getting the voice overs done and ready, as well as gathering the music and sound effects.we haphazardly assmebled things segment by segment as elements where finished. and a scant 10 months later we had a full lenght pilot.

My friend George Castro of the blues band "the crybabies" voiced Baron Von Donut like a pro. I did a servicable Job voicing Voodoo Joe, and Chistopher Herndon knocked the cover off the ball as Abraham Lincoln/Satan. many other people added thier scene steaing talents comedian Josh Goguen for instance was the voice of the lead Satan Worshiper and his "bleach" still makes me laugh...the satan worshiper story had like six different voices which was nerve racking to assemble. Medavon of the band LOCKJAW did his best to master the mess, which was no easy task since i didn't understand what "gain" was on the mic inerface and essentialy everyone recorded at a different level. any sound problems would have been far worse without his help. He also made us some bad ass intro music. all the bios and who did what is on the special features section.

there is a "comentary track" but it has nothing to do with the cartoon and is moslty me bitching about the school for reatrded people near my house.

YOU will be able to see it by getting a DVD at a convention we are at, through stores, online at and/or at i-tunes or places like that by the end of the month.



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