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was it Personal?

first off let me answer about 6 peoples e-mails at once-  i never slept with her and we never dated.  Some of you where thinking this was some sort of personal spat.  it's probably my fault for it coming off that way.  it was not personal, well in the sense that she is one of the many assholes screwing up my country i suppose you could call that personal. 

no, she is a woman who fancies herself a political activist, who got involved in a borderline riot in san Francisco over a cause that has nothing to do with her and that she knows nothing about.  while i don't know everything about her, i do know that she isn't Palestinian and has no connection to it and over all the time i've known her she's never mentioned it...i also know that San Francisco doesn't' have a large Palestinian population... what it does have is a large population of stupid kids who can get riled up and used and that is WAY the Israeli embassy THERE was attacked NOT Chicago or New York-cities that DO have large Palestinian populations. What better time and example for my blog about these political group/gangs/cults then when one of their pawns wanders into the blog with a condescending attitude.

There are too many people running around looking down on everyone else and substituting hubris for intelligence and i was presented with an opportunity to grind one of those people into the ground and i took it.  

i can't stand hypocrites and i can't stand self righteous assholes, and it double annoys me when they have zero knowledge in the subject they are preaching to us about. if you get on a public forum and delcare yourself smarter than eveyone else,  and decide that this 200 plus year old system of government which was created by the greatest men of there generation should be replaced by YOURS and declare the rest of us sheep...well the gloves are off aren't they? and pay attention you feminists, i treated her no different than i would have if she where a man when i laid into her and she replied by calling me "mean" and some of you said i was "mean".  why is it no one came to such defense of the men i've torn into?

you'll note please that my premise -she doesn't know why she rioted- could have been slapped down at any point and this whole topic ended by her merely putting together a couple of sentences about the conflict. i can tell you if it had been Nick, or craig, or win a date with kurt boz and the few other left wingers who get on here and butt heads with me i would have been left looking like a fool.  look at how easy it would have been to shut my mouth and make me look like a dope on my own blog.  all she had to do was know WHY she went out and protested and stopped traffic, and clogged up commerce...

 but she had no such knowledge All she did was continue to preen and present herself as an intellectual.  she delayed, and avoided the actual subject with everything from boasting to acting like she was being crucified.  and as for her friendship guilt trip/delay tactic...i hear from her once a year...when it's time to get her into the convention for free.  For that she should be excluded from being called on to justify her actions?   she continually veered this discussion away from any actual mention of the Palestinian conflict she cared so deeply about, and continually left the topic at -whether or not she was smarter than the rest of us.  and then had the nerve to be upset when that was what was being discussed. 

she posted on my blog and then belly ached about me responding...she cried "it's personal" even though ALL the info i wrote about her was taken right from her own public myspace page and postings.  the EXACT same thing i did with Craig and win a date with kurt boz...both of whom made me pay for it by upending that part of my argument. but our Marxist revolutionary here ,who is so courageous when surrounded by a mob, cried foul.

all she needed to do days ago was know why she went out and protested...but she never gave us an answer because she still doesn't know why.

what a buffoon....and i have found THIS type to be typical lately of the people holding signs and protesting things...on both the left and the right.  This is the type that was to lead you.

this high an mighty feminist revolutionary who was going to bring down the system and called us all sheep went crying home to mama.  with any luck she won't get involved in the next riot that has nothing to do with her and somewhere there will be a man who ISN'T stuck in traffic because a bunch of dumb kids are blocking the street, and maybe...just maybe...she'll reconsider her opinion that the rest of who disagree with her are "sheep". and maybe some people who were teetering on going down the same path of turning into the kind of self righteous dope we have more than enough of already will reconsider. 

there is at least a chance of that now and  I'm gonna call that a good weeks work.


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