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YOU are a brick in the wall...

i've lived a long strange life and met many strange people, and have done many strange and sometimes bad things.  if the reward was worth the risk some of these bad things were pre-meditated.  so when you are that sort of person you travel in very wide circles.  sometimes that wide circle includes light level crooks and sometimes it includes low level while i'm not al capone i have see a thing or two...

there are organizations out there who look for a specific kind of jackass and use that person as a tool.  of course the entire time that persons being used they are unaware that they are a tool.  the organization will tell them over and over that they are important and what they are part of is meaningful and even that they are better than everyone else.  Gangs do this...the skinheads, the KKK, the Black Panthers...they look for losers who don't know or want to admit they are losers.  they puff them up and then use them, manipulate them.

these super liberal, socialist organizations are no different.  infact they use all the same techniques as far right wing organizations like the KKK, or for that matter as a cult. they tell you all about a cause, they tell you you are needed and that other people are too stupid to realize or understand this great cause...this makes you feel important.  they then use you.  these far left political orgs. want you for all the same reasons the skinheads or KKK want you.  not just to hate the other the bigger reason is always $$$$.  they just like the KKK, or skinheads, or any old street gang, make thier money via, drugs, extortion, and protection rackets.

how does a political group run a protection racket? how can they protect anyone? these are fine questions if you don't know how protection rackets actually work.  See, if you pay a street gang for protection what you are actually paying for is protection from THAT GANG. you are paying them to leave you alone.  SO a political organization with 30-40 a hundred rowdy participants who are willing to go protest and cause a stir and embarrass, harass, vandalize a person or business...can extort a whole lot of money from that business or person.  and even more if that person not only pays for "protection" but to have that organization turn it's attention to his competition.  whether that competition is a business or maybe even a political opponent. you aren't naive enough to think  that the people at the top actually care who wins do you?  perhaps they do a little but not as much as they care about the $$$$.


what kid of dope gets involved in places like the KKK, or skinheads, of Nazi party, or socialist party or acorn or any of the far leftist organizations?  the same person type of person who ends up in a gang or a cult.  a loser who doesn't know he is a loser.  ALL of us at some point or another in our lives fit into the category of "loser" some of us frequent that category.  but it's the ones who don't realize it OR don't understand that it takes work to get out of that category and while ending up in that category might not be your fault, staying there is.  and these organizations all have something else in common...they keep you from making changes in YOUR life to improve it.  they keep you angry as someone else, something else, and looking up to and needing someone else or somethings else...

case in point our ex-blog reader Kristen.  she's coming up on thirty...hasn't accomplished much. not a loser in any harsh sense of the word but she has really nothing to show for her time on earth be it possessions, relationships, career, or accomplishments. she like many of her generation have a degree...and no one cares.

and by the way listen up all you college're going to hate me now but thank me later. if you are going to college to get a degree to your money.  go to that class tomorrow and look have thirty other students also getting that degree to be a teacher and a teacher who is not looking to retire anytime soon...are you doing the math? that's 31 people looking for the same position.  now multiply that by every college class in the aren't going to be a teacher.  

anyway Kristen fits the bill of the exact pigeon you would want to recruit. no enough to be fooled into thinking she's smarter that everyone else. you first have to fill their brain with big words and get them to care about a topic...preferably an obscure topic so that they cannot get alot of knowledgeable negative feedback from others OR just use alot of circular logic like the KKK.  you keep them from doing things and caring about things that would actually improve their lives.  you keep them focused on the cause, focused on how smart they are...AND focused on how dumb everyone else is...why do you do that? because if everyone else is dumb...then they won't listen to other people tell them that YOU are full of shit.  abusive boyfriends/girlfriends use that one..."so and so is're friends are jealous, no one else cares about you" it's all about discrediting the things that can actually improve your life.  am i using that phrase enough?  because that is the key element that people use to manipulate pawns...their shitty lives.  

 let's roll the video tape of some of her responses once more

me-"But you can’t muster up caring about what is going on in your own back yard?"

No, I can't. I'm dissatisfied with our entire system, and the small group of monkeys that run it and their inability to cooperate with each other. They're going to do (and have done) whatever they want to do. They (president, house, senate) don't in any part represent me or the large number of individuals I identify with/affiliate myself with. The only way to create real change is to overthrow the federal government (or possibly all government even at the state level) begin afresh, rebuild society in a manner by which every individual has a roof over their head, sufficient healthy food, access to good medical care, the opportunity to pursue their intellectual interests without economic handicaps prohibiting them from doing so, etc etc etc.

So no, I don't give a shit how the bill turns(ed) out (I can't tell what tense I'm supposed to be addressing, but my point is still the same), because I fundamentally reject the entire system.


goblity gook...a bunch of nonsense and some communism thrown in on the end.  but MOST important...she has already rejected attempting to change things through actual hard work..i.e. voting on a regular basis, getting involved.  someone has convinced her that the entire system must be thrown out...have they told her what will take it's place? does she even understand the current system? i'd wager that if someone gave her the constitution and renamed it and told her "this is what will take its' place" she'd say "fuck yeah!"  also this is a really abstract and impossible idea...because the "system" people. and in our system of government you can change the people and change the laws.  you overthrow it every election...if we all pay attention. but she has been convinced that even though they have not managed to get enough people to vote to change things the safe way ...they will somehow get enough people to rise up and ...and what? 


the problem is people and you can overthrow every government on earth but you'll still have to replace the leaders and lawmakers with other people.  and if you are worried about evil people...think about this...what makes you think you'll be able to keep evil people out of your new government? 

"communism is the right idea but this is the wrong species"

what's more you can't get a lazy dope to climb to the top just because you got rid of the current group of winners.  another group of winners is just going to come along and step on that dope again...the dope needs to stop being a dope.  the dope needs to work harder, get a skill, stop making excuses and take part in society in a positive way.  until then NO system that we set up is going to make a difference for the dope.  by the way the dope her again fits the description of Kristen.  she is the exact problem...she is the type of person she needs to get rid of for the system to work.


me- "and by the way nothing has been solved concerning Palestine…so why have you all stopped protesting?"

Well, this is just silly. How can you assume what I am and am not doing? We don't talk a whole heck of a lot outside of your blog anymore. So this is merely an assumption you are making based of my abrupt lack of activism advertised on myspace. I stopped making bulletins and whatnot in that vein for numerous personal and safety reasons, and is in no way an indication of my inactivity. And I don't get my "world news" from CNN. Please. I don't even really feel like going into that one right now, but if you press it, I'll give you an explanation.

my actual question here was why have YOU ALL stopped protesting.  no doubt that she doesn't know why all of a sudden they all stopped.  my guess would be that $$$$ changed hands. a bunch of spoiled white kids in northern california suddenly got very very riled up about something that happened across the globe...and then suddenly stopped being riled up...the same kids by the way who where probably telling us the last 8  years that we shouldn't be policing the world. 

lets be honest with the situation...these kids got riled up because they where manipulated into getting riled up by someone who was going the benifit.

"It is the hight of irony to me that so many of you are worried about conspiracies and shadow governments…YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU TELLING YOU TO “GET FUCKED”.

Uh, nope. I'm more of a big picture kinda person. Getting all riled up about an economic stimulus bill is like being annoyed by a single and in a whole trail streaming through your kitchen. If I was one to believe that we need to work with at the current system in place and make it better, I'd say what you're arguing is legitimate, and that I'm a complete twit. But I don't. I don't think trying to slowly improve things will actually work. I believe it will stay at a fairly balanced more or less conglomerate corruption, lies and secret handshakes until something radical done by the proletariat changes everything.

more big words and gobidy gook soup fed to her by someone..."secrect handshakes"? lets be clear this power grab was right in front of her face...right in front of all of our faces. now if you like obamas policy fine...but if you are trying to "bring it all down" shouldn't you start by voting?  by writing to your congressman, by cutting off the governments money.   none of this was done in secret...throwing a like vodka bottle should be a last resort.  but all this that has been spoon fed is clever clever stuff it keeps re-enforcing the cult mentality...that everyone else is wrong, that no one else can see what you see, that trying to participate in the norm is a waste of timeShe claimed earlier that none of those people represented the risk of being coy, both of her representatives are far left bitchy women...who she agrees with 95% of the time. there could be not better representation.  the more you keep people like this talking the more contradictions come out this same person who wants to "bring it all down" is in favor of government health care?  these contradictions all add up to the persons true philosiphy not matching her current actions/rehtoric...and that always = manipulation.

"want me to point out the $$$$ that is going to fix the vandalism at the VERY EMBASSY THAT WAS GUMMED UP BY CERTAIN PROTESTERS A FEW MONTHS AGO? would you like me to point out the $$$ that is to be used to upgrade the security and widen the perimeter around that embassy and all other embassies located on the continental u.s.

Sure! A more active and militant police presence will only make members or the proletariat more uncomfortable and dissatisfied with how our country is run, and may challenge them to question how this system controls them like sheep!

"sheep" she says...i'm tired of hearing people get called sheep. and hearing that they "do what they are told" no...they do what they want and YOU are the sheep being lead around to protest or get angry about or vandalize things or rob steal or assault on behalf of a cause that was spoon fed to you by people who don't care about the cause. and make no mistake the "sheep" run this country...this country is like a big old ocean and every generation someone comes along with one bucket of dye and throws it into that ocean hoping the entire ocean will change color. look, the KKK had MILLIONS of members march on Washington, the Nazi party had Millions of members...non of them "overthrew the system"...we declared war on Germany and we have a black president...why?  the "sheep" wanted it that way.  Because the "sheep" don't get all riled up.  the "sheep" are smarter than you think. the "sheep" by the way this girl never met.  like i say i know her...she spent her whole life on the west coast and surrounded herself by young white liberals...and yet SHE feels she knows something.  why?  because she's being used and the USERS needs her to think that...and needs her to not second guess herself.  and not stop and think "hey wait a minute...i don't really know jack shit, i'm barely out of college, i haven't kept one job for very long, i've never owned a business, i've never run a business, my circle of friends and influence is very small and their demographics are all the same...i never hear the other side of the story...i don't have any connection what so ever to Palastine...there are a thousand more important issues right in my back yard that the amount of effort i put into this could actually change"

you can't have her thinking that...because she might stop helping your "cause" ($$$$) and go do something with her life.

"BY THE AY I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU AND YOUR ASSHOLE COHORTS FOR GIVING THEM THE EXCUSE TO STEAL MORE MONEY FROM USE...nice job over there in San Francisco...keep it up...why i hear that Israel and Palestine kissed and made up right after they saw a bunch of college kids from the U.S.
chanting in front of an embassy"

The amount of damage the protesters inflicted monetarily out of opposition to U.S. policy in support of the Israeli invasion of Gaza doesn't hold a candle to the amount of money of oh say the u.s. governments used to bail out banks. Or to fight useless and bloody wars in Iraq and Afgahanistan.

there is fine logic used by many people when trying to get someone to commit a crime...OTHER people are doing worse things...what THEY are doing to us is will hear that at ANY KKK meeting, any skinhead gathering and GANG meeting just before they go out to do Lord knows what.  they use this logic to convince the tool that it's okay. 

Don't be so ridiculous. The protest at the embassy in San Francisco was one single action, and its all you focus on. There were month long protests in January, pulling thousands (10,000 to be more precise) to the streets in protest in San Francisco alone. There were protests of this nature in every single major city in California in addition to those taking place throughout the country, across Europe, and within Israel itself, the last of which incurred very heavy, militant and dangerous police response, even during completely peaceful marches of Palestinians and Israelis in opposition. You only using that single example makes me wonder why you refer to ME as the "useful idiot".

...i'm sure she STILL wonders why i called her a "useful idiot"  Karl Marx coined that term if memory serves...but it could have been any one of many many assholes who came to power using people like her.  she is actually being used twice because she is protesting when they say to protest AND she is NOT getting involved in the things they don't want her to be involved in.

look the users are out their and they aren't going to have a ribbon that says "user" on it.  and they are subtle, and they have catpaws, their catpaws are every bit as charming and convincing as the guy who got under your prom dress.  they stir things up when they need to and none of the useful idiots ever know why.  These wacko political organizations both on the right and left are just street gangs for white kids. just think for yourselves out their okay?  get both sides of every story.  GET INVOLVED IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT.  you will change more by going to a couple of school board meetings than spending a month helping some politcal group extort money out of a candidate. 

and if you want things to change change them...she bitched about health care and food...go work at a soup kitchen DONATE MONEY TO A CHARITY, volunteer at a hospital...what if all those protesters volunteered to do some good instead of marched up and down holding poorly worded signs?  what if they all went to work and than took that money and donated it?  what if they all participated in the system we have that is set up to weed out representatives that aren't doing their jobs?  what if?  do you think they would have accomplished more than they did protesting two counties that are fighting half a world away that don't care what a bunch of stupid kids think?

and Finally ...admit to yourself when you don't know shit.  if you're in college, and you haven't ventured out into the real world how about you shut up and watch for awhile?  i'm not saying don't do anything...i'm saying shut the fuck up and stop making an ass out of yourself.  you don't have to lead the rebellion. you have to pay attention THINK and get involved...if you live in a dorm or you have 4 roommates and your apartment is full of pizza boxes and you play video games for four hours and smoke a bunch of have no basis to think you are smarter than anyone.  spend your time improving your'll be amazed on how less angry you are how less "unfair" the "system" is.  you now why the "sheep" don't get all riled up? because they made something out of their lives...they got a job, a house, a family, they have something to show for themselves and that gives the perspective and hindsight.  Try that for awhile, spend some of that "tearing it all down" effort at work, getting a skill, being worth a damn...because i can get a monkey to throw a lit vodka bottle.

for that matter you'll be surprise how much more influence and respect you'll have when you have proven you are worth something, than you did when you had nothing to show for yourself but an opinion.


p.s. some of you may be confused about the fine line between "getting involved" and "being a tool"...well that is the trick isn't it?  but a good litmus test is if the people you are around use words like "proletariat".  also if you are college age and anyone over thirty is asking for your opinion...they are using you, because the rest of us respect you enough to tell you we want to hear it.  no one who has been on this planet for over three decades wants to hear what someone who has been here for only two decades has to say.  you're like the new guy at work trying to get everyone to load the boxes differently (and maybe you're right...but no one's going to listen).  and the older the person is who is validating your opinion...the bigger a phony he is.


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