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...excuse me?

here's a laughable e-mail i got concerning the Voodoo Joe eating a mermaid artwork.

"the biddings going to get out of my price range, but what would you charge to  re-draw the re-drawing?  I am completely serious and could pay you over what you wanted the page reserved at", it seemed to me when i first put up the blog about how much i despise this page that i might have been beating a dead horse.  that an entire blog about it was probably overkill.  apparently not. I said i'm never doing it again and that is that. ask someone who knows me- spite and stubbornness are way up on the list of motivating factors in my life...way above greed and even sex. Possibly only hunger towers over these two things.

you want the page, win it.  or not, i don't care and believe me i was all set to use it for target practice and then burn it.  i already borrowed the digital recorder to capture the event.  His e-mail went on a little hinting that i should have pity on this guy and re do it under the radar so he doesn't have to get into a bidding war.  BOO fucking HOO.  I've gotten e-mails from this fellow before and it seems to me i remember that he has a decent job, probably health care, and a house...more than likely he's even got a nice car.  I'll supposed to feel sorry for him?  bite me.  pass up buying the new golf clubs, or I-phone, or wii system and shell out the extra dollars for a piece of Arsenic Lullaby history and for that matter independent publishing history...and possibly animation/basic cable history.  this is a redo of a difinative, pivotal scene in Arsenic Lullaby which at this point is the elder statesman of indy's been nominated for a Harvey Award, an Eisner award, and the re-do is by the original artist who also does work for Mad Magazine.  as far as i'm concerned if you get it for under a grand you got decent an investment.  at the risk of comparing myself to someone i hate being compared you know what robert crumb stuff goes for now?  "blah blah blah my wife is keeping an eye on the funds blah blah blah" you have a wife? a partner to share the bills with? someone to come home to at night?  and that's a reason i should feel sorry for you? I guess you don't read too many of these blogs.  lemme forward you the e-mails i get from people telling me they are sick of hearing how miserable i am cause of my divorce...then you can ask yourself if crying about being married is going to garner you any pity from me.  and for that matter if you don't get in trouble for buying this you're just gonna get in trouble for something else anyway.

and boo hoo you can't get a real decent Arsenic Lullaby peice for 20.00 any more like when i started...he mentions that he bought early stuff from me for 20.00 i guess to impress upon me that he's been around since the start.  well you for you!  you got a whole bunch of stuff you could sell now for a tidy profit and then you could easily outbid someone on this peice...of course he's not going to do that because he's bright enough to know that the artwork he has from back issues is likely to just keep going up.  which is all the more reason the knucklehead should just make an honest effort to win this mermaid page. 

I also happen to know the guy pays 1500-2000$ for pages from super hero comics.  now...once again, not to compare myself to Robert Crumb...but strickly from an investment standpoint (supply and demand and all that) mainstream artwork doesn't increase in value as much as cult / cutting edge fro the time / indy artwork.  track a AVERAGE page from john bryne over the last ten years..."but john bryn isn't a big deal anymore!"...excatally and he was overpriced when he was you bought something for 3000.00 that you can now sell for 1500.00...but  you still can't touch a page from zap comics for under 2000.00 and you probably could have bought it back then for under 300.00. (plus i happen to know that we have way more readers than zap did...they're just all in college and broke...for now.) i say to this guy go do an ebay search on zap comics original art and show that to your wife. "you're no robert crumb" he'd probably explain...i'd say "no i'm not and thank God for it"'d better be sure before you let this peice go. 

 BOTTOM LINE NO 1. alot of the indy stuff from this current era is going to be worth big bucks when gen X and the generation after it starts making actual money.

BOTTOM LINE NO.2 just from a fan standpoint this is about one of the coolest peices of art from this comic

BOTTOM LINE NO.3...i will never draw this again, not even as a commission with a nice fat bribe tacked onto the cost.  hell it was only up to 200.00 when this guy sent this, and for all we know it won't go above the reserve so...way to panic.  if the auction was being run by me i wouldn't let this guy have it even if he won.  I'd tell ebay it was damaged and send him video of me pissing on it.

but i'm not running it, so he or any of you have until Sunday afternoon to decide if you want it and how bad. me myself personally...I'm slightly disappointed that i don't get to destroy it.


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