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Happy birthday to me.

let me say that i don't like artists, and apart from the maybe four that i count among people i consider friends, i don't hang out with them, i don't talk shop with them , the whole artist mentality annoys me. i have friends who have been given the duty of putting me in my place when if start to act like one. Artists are by and large dousche bags and blow hards who think the world, stores, distributors, and consumers exist for the sake of them polluting the pop culture with whatever hair brained story, image that seeps out of them completely unfiltered by reason, popularity demand or quality considerations. In a sense they are like cops.  the majority of cops only hang out with cops, go home and watch cops shows, all they talk about is the job...artists are the same way.  they hang out with other artists ( and let me say before i forget i'm using the term artist loosely.  artist and crazy are terms that you earn...that other people call you.  if you declare yourself an artist or declare yourself to be screwed up mentaly you are simply a pain in the ass and/or dull person trying to seem interesting) all they do is talk about art, read about artists and by and large live in a fantasy world were they are misunderstood geniuses that will have books and movies made about them and their life and not the lowlifes afraid of real jobs and criticism that they actually are.  I do my best to stear clear of all that,  i am very forthright in my place in the world.  i'm just a jerk from Milwaukee with a bunch of talent he didn't earn tying to make a buck...period.


having said all that i will now for one brief moment be a pain in the ass artist.


For the last ten years or so I've had to hear about this image (see above)from Arsenic Lullaby no.2.  hey do you still have that artwork? hey that was my favortie thing you did! that one makes me laugh every time. and i understand that it's meant as a complement that you still remember something i did so long ago.  but here is a tip when dealing with an artist/creative type person...they don't want to hear about decade old work.  we want to hear about how much better we are now, how great our last thing was.  when you make reference to something we did long ago there is an implication there that we peaked at that point and nothing we have done since has matched it.  hard on the ego even though it's meant as praise.  this one in particular stings because issue 2 of Arsenic Lullaby WAS great and it WAS groundbreaking.  and i have in my own head been chasing it.  the problem was not only was it very funny and full of techniques unique to arsenic lullaby storytelling (techniques i'll break down for you one of these days) introduced VooDoo Joe and the cartoon fetus.  think about that for a second- we had a cartoon fetus in 1999. so in order to top this issue i would have to have 32 pages of top notch funny PLUS introducing groundbreaking characters.  i don't know that i ever topped it but i think Pulp Edition Omega and Zero may have equaled it...maybe.  I think over all Zero was funnier but didn't really introduce any groundbreaking character...unless you count Issitoq.  Omega might have been as funny and the Vampires were very good but not as inspired as the fetus and the book overall wasn't really meant for new doesn't stand on it's own as well as No.2.  anyway like i say i've been hearing about this picture for a you still have it?  when are you going to make another t-shirt of it?  when are you going to make a print? that would be a great sticker!

so... you can't fight the ocean but you can shake your fist at it.  the original is long gone but i have sat down and though it made me sick to do so...i re did it, i vow to never draw it again not only because i can't stand the sight of it but was hard.  i wasn't as skilled ten years ago but i put alot of work into things.  everything in this picture was in proper two point perspective including the drapes, pattern on the drapes, white spripes in the wallpaper, the hinges on the folding table and even the base of the rabbit ears and Joes glass, not to mention the uneven grey pattern on the wallpaper almost made me go blind and no doubt has set in motion a premature case of arthritis.  it's 10 x 10 inches roughly.  i'm going to make a print of it and maybe a shirt or sticker...i've redone it, scanned it, i have the digital file whenever i need  it and for the sake of getting it far far away from me the actual artwork will be on ebay in about a week.  i will start the bidding at 1.00.  the catch and birthday present to myself is that the reserve will be 230.00 (my birthday being on the 23rd) and if the reserve is not reached i will film myself destroying it and put it on u-tube.  might burn it, probably will shoot it first maybe i'll do a burn out on it with my el camino...but in any case i'll either have a little extra cash for the cartoons warchest (helping ensure i'll never have to draw a comic book again) or have the joy of uncreating this image.

other items here. 

on a side note the black smears on the edges of this page and other pages i do are me getting excess ink off my brush.  lots of people ask what they are and there you go.  i use a brush for everything , curved lines, straight lines, texture, everything and so you need just the right amount of ink on there or the brush won't flex right when you are inking curves.  THIS peice though i did use a technical pen for the wallpaper for the sake or re-creating it as closely as possible to the original.  could have done the same thing with a brush and probably faster but it wouldn't have had the same uneven look to it.



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