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Thursday, July 17, 2008 

best buy at war
so in my constant struggle to get all the detail i put on the page to show up at the printer i decided to get a new scanner.
i go to best buy get one, it doesn't work..i sit on the phone for an hour with a guy from luck it's a hardware problem...i take it back, get another one...this one gives some ink cartridge error message...i go back AGAIN...this time i pick out a kodak that seems to work and tell them to test it.
while i'm waiting..oh did i mention i screamed at a manager over the phone...i did...i requested to see the assclown who's response to me having to come back three time for one scanner was "that's unlikely for that to happen"..he wasn't there- so some other manager comes up and he's at least bright enough to see that i'm about to to strangle someone with the scanner cord.  he apologizes and attempts to smooth things over...that's all i ask...just pretend to give a that so hard? 
the he says..."did you serve in the corp?"
he is refering to me wearing a marine corp t-shirt that says sargent on the back...which i got from someone who will remain nameless lest i cause him embarressment...anyway he was cleaning out his garage an i'm always interested in people's garbage. so it took it and happened to be wearing it.
  NOW...i could have said no i'm wearing someones trash...or someone gave it to me and it was the ONLY thing that i had that was clean...but i didn't, for several reasons. one-i think people who wear army shirts or nypd shirts or fire department shirts if the aren't in that organization...are sort of putzes.  i mean, you COULD be in the army if you wanted're old enough...instead you're just walking around with a short so people THINK you accomplished's putz like...maybe it's just me...maybe they are showing support somehow by wearing it.  anyway i didn't want him to think i was a putz, also i wasn't entirely sure it was wasn't was cleanER that everything else...also he looked like the type to give me some greif about being a baby killer or something and after three trips to this store i was looking for an argument.
so i said "that's what the shirt says"...not really a lie but yeah pretty much i lied. 
then he asks if i saw any action
"if you want to call it that" i say again not really a lie. 
"must have been ugly" he says.
 i assume now he is talking about my marriage and i say " i still have nightmares...but it's over now"
"how long where you in the shit?" he asks
"about three years" i reply again assuming he is speaking about my marriage.  althoug at this point i begin to find it odd that some jerk at best buy would want to keep asking me questions about a subject i cleary didn't want to get into...i mean what kind of doof wants to hob nob about who i killed?
then he says "i was in the corp from 82-87"
ah now i see, this guy was a marine when all you had to do was babysit missle cylos and go through training was much safer being a marine back in the cold war...sure you may have had some covert stuff here and there and we may or may not have been involved in the falkan island and libia and here and there with the contras...but in mass, the marines where not risking life and limb to the degree we are now.  this guy is trying to equate his peace time service with my wartime service...i pick my head up from the recipet to give him a "you're a jerk off" look when i remeber I'M NOT A MARINE AT ALL...i never was...i'm wearing a shirt a marine gave me because i was too busy to WASH MY CLOTHES.  it was like that bugs bunny cartoon were whatever hat falls on his head is the character he plays. 
i say "good for you" and shake his hand.
he gives me 10.00 off this point i start to feel bad because not only am i impersonating a marine...and and was about to look down on another marine NO WAIT i mean A MARINE...but now i am getting a discount for my ruse.  but what can i do now. i take the scanner home and as justice would have didn't work either.
i hooked up my 8 year old HP and used that the end it seemed to be better than the best malfunction newer model.
also i think i may start asking for a military id card when i hand out the military discounts from now on ...there's alot of creeps out there


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