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would some tell Hollywood to shut the fuck up!

i'm flipping through channels and i stumble onto Richard Belzer (crappy actor and crappier comedian) talking to joy behar (crappy t.v. personality) on i think the Larry king (crappy version of the cryptkeeper)show.

and he's talking about health care...and he says (I'm paraphrasing here because i don't have the transcript but I'm REALLY CLOSE if not word for word) "if the republicans don't vote for this it's because they are mean and selfish and cruel"

i almost had an aneurism. 


FIRST...could you choose a more juvenile argument?  this is the argument of a four year old who wants a puppy.  you want the government THAT SCREWS UP EVERYTHING to run health care. let me show you the stark similarities in his argument and the four year old.  

i want one (the government should run health care)

no, you won't take care of it we let you have a goldfish and you didn't feed it and it died (the government screwed up everything else we put it in charge of)

bob but has a puppy! (Europe has health care)

no, you won't take care of it!!  you won't feed it you won't clean up after it (the government screwed up everything else we put it in charge of, and you won't pay any attention to them screwing up health care.)

your mean!! you don't love me i hate you!(republicans are cruel)

second-why don't you focus on your JOB. making t.v. shows that don't suck...becaUSE YOU HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO BEFORE YOU HAVE THAT KICKED IN THE BUTT AND CAN MOVE ONTO POLITICS.  you were a shitty comedian 15 years ago who lucked out and got onto a incredibly uninspired cop show and have been phoning in your performances on that ever since.  you are not actually a cop, or a lawyer or a doctor or any of the roles you played... you are a shitty actor PERIOD.  you get paid to say what people tell you to say...your opinion is worth LESS that your average man on the street.

THIRD-way to sound like a mindless idiot who cannot even grasp that notion that the other side might have a valid argument...believe what you want...but acknowledge and ADDRESS THE POINT THE OTHER SIDE HAS MADE.   if you have a valid rebuttal I'll listen.  

FOURTH...IF THE REPUBLICANS ARE CRUEL WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE GOVERNMENT IN CHARGE OF HEALTH CARE? THEY ARE PART OF THE GOVERNEMNT ...IDIOT!!! THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN CHARGE AGAIN AT SOME POINT (very soon by the looks of things).  that is our argument one wants people to go without health care...we just don't want the government in charge because the government can't get anything right.  this guy acts like Obama himself is going to personally accept your medical forms and answer the phone when you have a question. NO!  the same lazy pricks who work at the DMV or city hall are goingto be handing out the forms and answering your phone calls.  people who CAN'T GET FIRED.

at no point in this discussion about government health care as anyone mentioned WHO OR HOW employees of the government health care division are going to be chosen.  if it's like any other government office it's going to be people who couldn't cut it as administrators in the private sector.  lazy...assholes.

FIVE-why do we shut off our cynicism when celebrities spout off? he's an ACTOR!! he gets paid to say what someone tells him to say and sound convincing.  IF HE HELD UP A CHEESEBURGER AND SAID HE LOVES MCDONALDS WE'D ALL ASSUME HE'S SAYING WHAT SOMEONE TOLD HIM TO SAY RIGHT?  WHY DO WE THINK IT'S ANY DIFFERENT WHEN THEY TALK POLITICS??!!   he's either getting paid to say this or saying it in hopes of sucking up and getting more work or more face time on t.v.

SIX-FUCK HIM... there are countless charities out there that pay for peoples health care, surgeries, medicine ect...ANY OF US CAN DONATE TO THESE CHARITIES WHENEVER WE WANT.  has he?  he didn't mention it.  i am 99.9999999 percent certain i've donated more to charity than he has.  if this is so fucking important to him he could easily donate 75% of his earnings and still live better than the rest of us. where is the RICHRD BELZER FUND?  I'll happily donate!...there isn't one, he's dousche-bag.

and in want another good reason to say no to government health care?  LOOK AT HOW LONG IT'S TAKING THEM TO GET THIS BILL DONE AND HOW THEY ARE BEHAVING DURING THE PROCESS. it's a clusterfuck of juvenile assholes showboating instead of trying to come up with something worthwhile. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU WANT IN CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH CARE??!!

the democrates could push this through whenever they wanted to!  they have the majority ion the house and senate and the y have the white house.  SO BITCH AT THEM BELZER!!  you know why they are bitching at the republicans?  because politicians are cowards and the democrats want it to be "bi-partisan" so they don't have to take all the blame when it turns out to be a big fucking mistake. the people who keep saying they care about you sooo much are delaying this bill for political reasons. 

finally, as much as i'm uncomfortable with the podcast...i think i might just do that from now on instead of the blog because i don't have to spell check and it's more satisfying to scream than to just USE ALL CAPS.  



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