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           I'm a person.


Doing this blog here over the last couple years has generated a couple groups of people who are making it not fun.  First is the group that takes everything I say way too seriously (the people who sent in death threats after I said child birth pain was a myth…honestly, what do you care what I think if you gave birth and I didn’t?) and the second group thinks that the facet of my personality that comes out in the blog is me in it’s entirety…in other words they take nothing I say seriously and have classified me in their brains as every bit the cartoon character as my cartoon characters.  Let me give you an example of that.


I got this friend, let’s name the friend “barry”.  Barry likes comic books, and reports on them on an internet website and I see him at a few shows and we are like minded people and get along and hang out once in a while. 


Barry calls me the other day all stoked because he is getting a free pass and access to interview people at a comic book convention. The same comic book convention I have vowed never to come back to and condemn every year when it rolls around. (motorcity comic-con...and just to recap, this show treats the guests like crap, half of the guest list is NOT there when the show actually starts because either they never said they would be there, decided not to go because of the shows reputation, or just couldn't make it either way- the promoter never changes the list on the website essentially lying about the guest list to get people to buy tickets, it is way overpriced, disorganized AND the guy who runs it is a lowlife, allowed a bootlegger to sell bootleg Arsenic lullaby merch at his con while I was attending it , took the side of the bootlegger, and then had his volunteers escort the bootlegger to my booth to accuse me of vandalizing his car and threaten to call the police WHILE THE SHOW WAS GOING ON  with out any proof that I -

A-vandalized his car 

B-the the damage was even done by human hands and not just him driving over something. I’m not saying that he lives in a trailer park with gravel roads with junk and broken beer bottles everywhere, but based on his attire that would be my guess…I don’t know where to begin with how absurd the whole thing was.  Long story short this isn’t the first time this convention operator has caused me a problem nor am I the only pro who thinks the guy is a piece of shit.  

Comic book professionals have stopped coming to his show in mass and so have attendees.  Of all the blogs and all the flame wars I’ve gotten into here this is the only con operator have singled out and named (Goldman) as absolute garbage.  And the only show I have flat out told people not to go to as a favor to me. By the way i'll be at Philly this year and am working on going to the pittsburgh comic-con also so you detroit folks will have a show or to NEAR you to see me.  If you go to motor city, if you fell the need to pay 20-60$ plus 10$ for parking in hopes that the person who you want to see, who is on their guest list is actually going to attend the convention...that's your prerogative, but don't expect a gold star from me for it.


So back to Barry who seemed to think I should be happy for him and told me I should go so he could interview me.




1-he can interview me anytime he wants  (and hasn’t by the way so after Barry reviews this con he will have officially helped this asshole more than he has helped me.)

2-All Barry needed to do was ask and I could get him the very same deal at ANY show I go to other than San Diego.

3-THIS CON OPERATOR BASICALLY SPIT IN MY FACE WHY THE FUCK WOULD I EVER COME BACK AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU …WHO CONSIDER YOURSELF TO ME MY FRIEND... HELP GIVE THIS ASSHOLES CONVENTION MORE EXPOSURE?  Now that I think about it Barry not only has yet to review my last issue but I’m pretty sure Barry never bought a copy…one of the several dozen friends I have that don’t understand that if they all in mass wait for me to give them a free copy it costs me hundreds of dollars, where as if they all just order it from their stores and  fork over the measly 10 bucks it helps me immensely…why people still don’t understand this after I’ve gone over it here time and time again I don’t know.  They all remember the blogs about the retarded girl being mean to me but forget the blogs about when to order the comic.  In the words of the alien centaurs “yeah yeah everyone of you is a snowflake” you are all too special to order my book because you know me personally. (if i offer you a book, that is a different story) Thank God I don’t need to rely on the people who call me friend to order my books to stay in business. …you know what I’m going to do this year?…EVERYONE WHO BUYS THE BOOK FROM A STORE AND SHOWS ME A RECEIPT WILL GET SOMETHING FREE…a print or a sticker depending on what I have handy at the time.  Everyone of you, just come up the the booth with a receipt. 


Back to barry…exasperated…I explain that this is an a-hole move on his part.  And barry –because I am very entertaining when I am bitching…gets a big laugh out if it and keeps asking if I’m really mad…waiting for me to say “naw dude…go have fun…I’ll meet you there”


Shortly I realize that the conversation is pointless because Barry like many other people get so entertained by me spouting off (it is a curse in a way that I am very funny when I’m bitching and pissed off) just views me as a 2 dimensional character…the wacky neighbor or the slimy coworker in a sitcom. 


This is very annoying but I have come to realize there isn’t much I can do about it.  look, I’m glad/surprised that this blog has so many readers and i'm glad that you are so entertained at my ravings but lets all just keep in mind that the guy writing it is not a fictional character. and even though i am being pissed in a funny way...i'm still actually pissed. i am a real person. If you see me at a con this year I’ll have an actual scar on my finger, I have an actual broken el camino in my garage, my neighbor really is a jag, the retarded lady down the block is real and WHEN I SAY SOMEONE IS AN ASSHOLE THEY ARE ACTUALLY AN ASSHOLE AND I’M NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT YOU HELPING THEM BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE THE AMBITION TO DRIVE TO A DIFFERENT COMIC BOOK CONVENTION.



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