Wednesday, April 25, 2007


we hate nerds/PHISHING?

what the hell is Phishing?!  ...do you mean to tell me that it is that easy to just steal my password and send spam out to everyone?  how do i stop this?  why me?  is this done by someone pretending to be a normal myspace person or is this just a program running around stealing crap?...anyhow now i gotta re-do my front page...change my password. blah blah blah.

fucking nerds...we've let these nerds run rampant.  where is the big dumb blonde kid to punch them in the back of the head when they start staying things the rest of us don't understand?  imagine the life these people lead...sitting in front of a computer developing virises, and computer bugs for hours on end while thier unused penises continue to shrivel from atrophy...not that it would matter because no women would want them anyhow. No no the women want the me who own the companies...not the slimey underlings, the gurgling, runny nosed, clamy, waist of mass that only pokes his head out from the computer to suck up to someone.  "lookit boss! LOOK! i created a program that burns the image of your product onto the computer monitor permenantly!  i did good right?!"  shaking and clinging to the sleave of the bosses suit jacket..."didn't touch me eugene" is the only reply he recieves just like yesterday and the day before...and the person before that and the person before that...a seemingly endless parade of days with no human contact...he shuffles back to his computer...his electroninc mommy that has no will of it's own to break free...though it would if it could.  but instead the computer is forced to be handled and fondled by this  emotional retard...each login equating to him nursing from his mothers bussom.  


 until one day thankfully he dies...perhaps from colesterol or perhaps his heart decideds to join in the fun of none movement that his legs and biceps have become so accustonmed to.  he dies leaving nothing behind, created nothing that won't be wipped away by a glitch or won't be obsolete after some other NERD develops a better program instead of using HIS arms and legs and penis.  and as he lay there rotting some worms will come to feast on him...the overpowering sent of cheetoes will draw them in faster than normal and a little boy worm will say to his mommy worm "mommy look there is already a worm in here...a little one!" and she'll say "no son THAT is his penis" and they'll laugh at it's size, shape and posture and he'll say "wow mommy, that's a small one!  MINE is bigger than that! and look, it's all dusty...way dustier than everything else" and she'll say "that's because he nevr used it..he' was a worthless computer hacker."  and he'll say "will i be worthless one day?" and she'll say "no son you digest rotting carcasses and debri...you'll always be worth more than him"


the end