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You are all a bunch of children.



I am about ready to slap each and every one of you.

You’re all a bunch of fuckin children. I am starting to hope communism does take over because none of you deserve the freedom you have.

Two things, first the immigration law in Arizona, THEN facebook selling your info to companies.

Arizona’s new illegal immigrant round up law is just that...ARZISONA'S LAW. It IS A STATE LAW...meaning it was passed by the lawmakers of Arizona for the people of Arizona and it stops at the border of Arizona. Each and every one of you assholes who are up in arms about this live in states FULL of problems, problems with crime, problems with your shitty public schools, problems with your roads, BUDGET problems, taxes, and on and on. FIX YOU'RE OWN FUCKING PROBLEMS AND LEAVE ARIZONA TO THE PEOPLE OF ARIZONA. Do you realize what a jackass you are? This is like you sitting in a boat that is sinking and pointing at another sinking boat and saying "HEY! WHY DON'T YOU FIX YOUR BOAT?"

JACK....ASS... this a shitty law? ...I don't know I haven't read it. HAVE YOU??? HAVE YOU ACTUALLY READ THE FUCKING LAW? of course not you got an e-mail from some other jackass and the both of you whooped and hollered like red assed baboons. The LITTLE I know about it...leads me to thinks is a shitty law. I don't like law enforcement being given the right to hassle people on a whim. AND it does seem racist to me BUT I don't live there. If it is racist someone who lives there who is the victim of this law can find a slimy ACLU lawyer and have it struck down. Simple as that. The rest of us need not worry about it.

AND I find it striking that every Hispanic in the U.S. seems to be up in arms about it. I know a person; we'll call ms.X who is Hispanic. And every post she puts up is about Latino pride this, and Latino event that...and now she is protesting a law because it focuses on whether or not someone is Latino. LADY ALL YOU DO ALL DAY IS FOCUS ON WHO IS OR ISN'T LATINO! If this bill targeted Irish people you wouldn't have said I call YOU a racist for GIVING SUPPORT BASED ON RACE.



ONTO FACEBOOK who wants to allow companies access to your profiles so they can monitor your posts and try to sell you stuff. It would work like this - you post that you just had a baby, and some baby clothing companies software’s picks up these keywords and sends you info about it's sales.

My first thought is...good. It saves me the trouble of looking. Every one of you assholes who is up in arms about this is going to google for the info that they want to give you ANYWAY!

But more than that. You are all a bunch of children. You have the minds and reasoning of a child. FACEBOOK IS NOT CHARGING YOU. It is FREE. Which means they have to make money SOME OTHER Way. Do you think they just set this up out of the goodness of their hearts? You are children who think the candy their parents gives them comes from the candy tree. Things cost money. People need to get paid for their time and services. And if you don't want facebook to know your don't have to give them your actual age.

YOU DON'T NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK. ...ASSHOLES...If you insist on putting up your actual age and your actual info and bore us with your kids pictures and what you had for breakfast and want it can go out and PAY FOR AN ACTUAL WEBSITE...and put security on it so only your friends can get bored with it.

GROW UP!!!!!!

The best part about all this and why you deserve to live in a communist country is this...SOME OF YOU ASSHOLES RAN TO CONGRESS. Congress has been trying to get their greedy power hungry little hands on the Internet for YEARS...and now YOU DIPSHITS are begging them to get involved. The democrats are mustering up some half assed regulations to push through, that will give them the power to regulate internet companies...and no doubt FINE them when they misbehave and eventually add some taxes...ALL OF WHICH WILL JUST BE PASSED ALONG TO YOU!

ASSHOLES! You’re giving the government more power, costing yourselves money, ruining a bunch of great FREE services...all because you don't want a pop up here and there.

Ask yourselves you think for one single instance that once congress gets involved you'll see less pop ups? Less links? Get less spam? No...No you won’t you'll just be paying for a bunch of shit that used to be free. And at the end of the day you're going to buy your baby clothes from that company anyway.

you couldn't be a bigger bunch of idiots.


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