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 no no NO!

Here is a response i got from "too much coffee girl", from the blog about depression, that i really think i need to delve into a little more. it really illustrates an important point, and she's a real sweetheart so i hope she doesn't think i'm beating up on her but i want to make something perfectly clear.

. I would like to make a observation about depression....from one artist/evil genius to another....our depression is what makes us great. If I didn't stay motivated thru my depression I would be a pathetic miserable wretch. I do feel the ebb and flow of depression and I find I am the most creative at the times I am the most depressed. Thankfully I own a coffeeshop, the need to feed my coffee addiction gets me out of bed in the morning...I also feel that the anger and rage is just a form of depression turned outward....I g et so worked up over everything...I have been known to rant and rave like a lunatic too, which i am sure you can relate to. so.....Doug,drink some coffee to fuel the depression and rage, grab a pen and some paper or keyboard and get to work on your own brand of creative evil wicked genius types need it , its what makes us great! Just stay away from sharp objects! *big hug* The world would be gray without us!

i have to object to all of that.  you do not NEED to be depressed to be creative.  that is just a rationalization.  when you are prone to depression you become comfortable with it and depression becomes a safety net.  and you rationalize in any way you can to stay in the safety of depression.  just like an alcohalic rationalizes the reasons he drinks or a drug addict rationalizes that he is not an addict.  the creative process works in a  completely different section of the brain and is completely autonomous from feelings.  the ONLY connection is that when you are depressed you are usually in solitude and solitude does help the thought process...because of less distractions.  but NO ONE NEEDS to be depressed in order to be creative.  I personally do better work when i am happy.  it is a myth and a harmful myth that our angst and our malities are the keys to our creativeness.  creative people often don't fit in, feel excluded or alienated or just different and become depressed.  but to say we need our depression is putting the horse before the cart. 

no no no.  and don't any of the rest of you cling to that either.  i was happy as a clam when i did my best / most evil and cynical work.

depression is a debilitating thing, it slows you down, it saps your energy and it muddies your DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE CREATIVE AND DEFIANTLY DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE.  all the sad sack depressed "artists" out there that you all look up to, the edgar allen poes, the hunter thompsons, the guy who cut his ear off...they could have been BETTER. they could have gone farther, could have done MORE...if they didn't spend half their time struggling with and often feeding into their depression. and for that matter for every one of them there's a dozen Mark Twains who were every bit as talented and creative who weren't bitter depressed quitters.  that's another thing to's easy to dwell on things, easy to sit there and feel sorry for yourself and wallow in it these gguys you all romanticize all took the easy way out.

AND it breaks my heart to think that some of you are reading these blogs and getting the opposite idea.  I am not trying to make myself sound like a cool tortured artist or have you people romanticize this in any way shape or form. I have a monkey on my back right now that i will get off in a matter of time and will keep off as long as i can, hopefully indefinably. we don't have to be miserable.  we were not put here to be unhappy...especially those of us who are creative and make entertainment or art for other people.  we were not put here wallow in our our unhappiness and then spread it.

you don't have to settle.  you do not have to settle for being unhappy, having a crappy government, putting out crappy work, failing in any way shape or form.  we were not given free will to settle, and if you think we were, then you are just feeding into a black area in yourself that doesn't need to be encouraged. 

and if you don't believe we were put here, if you believe we all just grew out of amoebas then all the more reason to get with it.  you own it to our species to THRIVE.  to wiggle out of the muck and breath air as an example to the rest of us on how it's done.


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