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  american dream


So, I’ve mentioned, I think, that the window of time when you can order the new issue of arsenic lullaby is going on right now and I’d appreciate all the help promoting that you’re all willing to give, and I’ve had a good amount of people pitching In already.  BUT not as much as last time, and I was talking to my friend and mentioned that maybe it’s because I said it’s probably the last issue and so people don’t want to be as involved as if they thought is was a continuing effort…he responded


“uhm…yeah could be, OR it could be that at least once a week you write a blog pissing everyone off.”


…yeah, it could possibly be that.  and I should probably put up a few less blogs telling everyone that they are full of crap.  But not this week.


Okay, a couple of blogs ago, I explained to everyone why communism is nothing more than a dead end, and while most of you seemed to get it and the ones who still didn’t agree couldn’t produce a reason why…it has lead to me needing to explain something else.


Communism, while indefensible on it’s own merit gets a lot of mileage off of capitalism not being perfect.  I got a lot of e-mails and responses along the lines of…while let’s just use a little of it, and we need to level the playing field, and too many people have too many obstacles in their way while other people are given everything.


I’m sticking by my original assessment that communism is for cynical people who can’t think two moves ahead, but ADDING that it is also for spoiled babies who think the world revolves around them.


Let me explain a sentence that is the basis of the American dream…”in America you can be anything you want”  this means there are not set casts systems, the government will not hold you back based on race religion, gender ect.  You CAN go from dirt poor to filthy rich.  CAN… no one has ever said you WILL.  The key word in that phrase is  “can” as in it is POSSIBLE…not promised. By the way all you college students, go crack a world history book open and find an era, a country a government that has allowed this kind of financial and social movement from bottom to top…there isn’t one.  So if you don’t become what you wanted that doesn’t mean the system is the problem


All you losers and crybabies and knot heads who think the sun rises and falls on you, who didn’t have life shake out the way you thought it would understand that you are in a country of 300 million plus people who are all also striving for things.  And just cause you failed or where stopped by circumstances beyond your control does not mean the system is broken, and I’ll go so far as to say it doesn’t mean that you are the problem.  It means your “you can” didn’t turn out to be “you will” because on of the other 300 million people grabbed that “can” before you did…that’s life in a free country.


Some people are born dumb, or ugly, or the skin tone that everyone is discriminating against in that era, have a-hole parents these are the cards that where delt to you and not the fault of capitalism.  It is not possible to make everyone even or to make it so that everyone has an equal shot.  It’s NOT possible.  The BEST a government could do, is what communism does, make everyone equally miserable.  And even that isn’t possible because some people are just born happy and some people are born sad.  I see these people all the time who’s mood does not reflect the reality of their lives in any way shape or form.  Successful people who seemingly have everything but are depressed…and the even more annoying bread of cat that is a total loser who is always chipper.   This has nothing to do with my point but  Ugly people who are happy really really annoy me.  Am I alone there? I’m not classically good looking but I’m in good shape and I’m miserable half the time and when I see myself in a mirror. I just see the creepy stereotypical character actor on a crime show…angular face that’s set in a scowl even though I’m relaxed and not particularly angry, sort of skulking around…how is it that a fat ugly broad walks by that same mirrored window and isn’t fazed by her ugliness.  She should be home crying in front of a bunch of smashed mirrors making herself throw up.  THAT is the healthy emotional response to being ugly…unless you are rich. Am I right? No? just me?  I’ll just take this part of the blog to my therapist when I get one.




Understand this about the phrase “in america you can be whatever you want”  the more rare and special and coveted that “thing” that you want to be is…the greater the odds are against you,  the harder you are going to have to work, the more things are going to have to fall your way, the more you are going to have to sacrifice.  If you want to have a nice family and a house…which is what sane generations, that didn’t grow up watching so much t.v. and cable, that thinks it’s their God given right to be famous,  strove for…then your odds are pretty good of achieving that “thing”.  But if you want to be the president or win an emmy then guess what…you have a big mountain to climb that you are very likely NOT going to get to the top of because once again…300 million people in this country are also out their trying to become their “thing” and a lot of them are going to get in your way. 


And as far as the discriminate that goes on in this country …A- tough shit, deal with it AND if people didn’t hate you because of the color of your skin, sexual preference, religion or whatever, they would hate you for something else, because an asshole is an asshole and the color of you skin is just what they have glommed onto. If we were all purple we would discriminate against left handed people. And B- go to a communist country once…they make an ART FROM out of discriminating. You know why? I do!  Because everything else have been equaled out.  Everyone gets the same pay and same crappy life and so the fact that someone looks different now shines brighter than the sun to the people who realize their life sucks and what to take it out on someone. 


So…grow up, stop being a spoiled brat, stop thinking the world owes you something, and that if you don’t have everything you heart desires or you see injustice, that doesn’t mean our whole system has to be scrapped for whatever your dumb ass was talked into thinking is better that capitalism by your equally stupid college professors …who by the way have never tried capitalism and have spent their entire lives hiding under the skirt of Big College.


Remember that I termed that phrase first “big college” you know like “big tobacco” and “big Oil”  people forget that college is an industry that makes money just like any other business.   They want your money, they want the governments money, and if you think big tobacco has lied to you…than you better perk your ears up when your college professor tries convincing you to take another useless art class, or useless English lit class, or any of the other credits that do you NO GOOD once you graduate and try to get a job.  If we look at college as a product…like say a pack of cigarettes …than an art history class is a cigarette with NO tobacco in it-just tar and nicotine and no filter.


Who would buy that?  YOU WOULD…all of you spending your money, or your parent’s money, or your grant money, on a class that doesn’t directly help you in the free market.   And this is coming from an illustrator.   An illustrator with essentially ZERO college education, who has half a dozen people come up to him at every show who have 4,6,8 years or art college under their belts asking me for a job.  Why are THEY asking ME for a job? Because I had a 4 year and a huge $$$$ head start on them…I put no money into college…I instead put it into a business and and four years of trial and error teaches you a hell of a lot more than four years of college art class AND it’s cheaper.


So…smoke up Johnny.


Stop trying to change the system and start changing your own life, work harder, get smarter, pick a goal that is less stressful OR learn to enjoy the stress of struggling for the tougher goal.  You have a few options if you pick a big goal and it’s not going your way, you can hold your head up high knowing to strove for something greater than most people dared to, you can continue to press on a realize the feeding and satisfying passion you have for that goal is what’s important, or you can whine like a little girl that this country is founded on a big lie…while you are doing that by the way several dozen NON-whiners will be passing you up.


In closing…be sure to tell all your friends to order the next issue of Arsenic Lullaby

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