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i give you the gift... of racism.  use it well grasshopper

You black people…I gotta tell you…you passed up a golden opportunity this week. 

…what good is winning if you don’t rub the losers face in it?

 And even more profoundly than that you had an opportunity, a rare point in history where through very little effort on your part you could have convinced someone that they have woken up in a twilightzoneish alternate world.


Let me tell you how my day would have gone on jan 21st if I was black.  I would have got on a really nice suit and rented a nice but cionservative car.  I would have picked up a bunch of my black friends (also dressed nicely) and went around to elderly white neighborhoods bright and early.  Actually I would have scouted out my subjects a few days in advance…someone white old, crotchety, preferably living alone.  I would have made sure the first thing they saw was the morning newspaper right on their porch face up with obamas smilin’ black puss on the front with the headline Obama inaugurated.  And then I, and my friends rotating in and out like a volley ball team would have interacted with that person through out the course of the day saying things like “hey watch where you’re going nigger”  or "look (pointing at the white person)...this neighborhood is going to hell"  or “you must be on your way to the unemployment office to take more of MY money...shouldn't you be out looking for a job?” maybe you have a black girl clutch her purse as the whitie walks by as if she's afrid it will be grab away or of you comments how you wish they would all go back to Europe, or how they talk like they have shit in their mouths.…that sort of thing. See if you can get your white frineds in on it...have one of them come up and ask if it is okay if they are late with the rent. Do you get what i'm going for here?  The old bastard wakes up…sees a black president on the newspaper, gets called a nigger, mocked and looked down on., hears conversation about how HIS kind are aburden on society…how much fun would that be?!  He’d be looking for the ghost or Christmas future to take him home.  

you may be saying "who that is a devilishly clever way of teaching a person a lesson" maybe maybe not, THE BEST par is that person would probably be so confused and disoriented that they didn’t leave their house for several days while they try to get their bearings.   That is one less old person on the highway and in line at the gas station trying to remember their grandkids birthdays so they can pick their lotto numbers. 


See America hasn’t really changed it’s just bored with putting the black man through the ringer. Indians, irish, blacks, Chinese, they all got treated like crap.  it’s like a big caulous mean spirited game of tag.  It doesn’t really matter what is different about you…all that matters is that for the time being that thing makes you “it”.  and as we have elected a black man president a new group pf people will be “it” and I say THIS time how about we put our good old fashioned bigotry to good use and hate OLD PEOPLE.  Now some would say that illegal immigrants are the next logical choice…and I can see the merits of that argument.  They are a burden to our country in many ways, but there are two things that for my money make then a less desirable target.  ONE, while they are different, it is too hard to tell who is illegal and who isn’t.  TWO, many of them have actual practical skills.   They are useful, sure 30% of our prison population are illegal immigrants but some of them might be there for killing some one old…a victimless crime as far as I’m concerned.  We can deal with those guys via the justice system, the border patrol, tightening our laws ect ect….  Bigotry is for sticking it to a group of people you cannot stick it to via leagal means…the elderly.  They are in the way, we have no legal recourse to help us keep them in their homes AND most importantly…they are easily frightened. 


Bigotry is the Siamese twin of bullying…and in order to bully someone they have to be weaker than you.  What are you going to do…frighten a guy who spends all day carrying drywall up stairwells?  Good luck!  Me, I’ll be turning MY attention to old people, and there insistence on trying to live forever at the expense of my money (medicare, social security ect)  my time ( 35mph in the left lane and) and my patience ( their inability to understand the credit card keypad at the checkout lane and various other modern advancement)  plus if we ever do run out of gas it will be THEIR fault…as they spent the bulk of their lives driving cars that got less that 15 mpg.


All we need is a mean name for them…I mean really hurtful like spic, or slope, or nigger…how about raisin?  “move it raisin! …”fuckin raisins” nah…not quite…sometimes you just gotta see what catches on.  In the meantime when you see an old person put them on notice…ww2 was a long time ago and we all know they only enlisted because they where drunk.  Just like I am tired of hearing black people bitch about slavery, I’m tired of hearing old people throw WW2 in my face.  Yes yes you risked you life for my freedom…well guess what it’s 2008 you SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW, that life you risked SHOULD be over, you are officially living on borrowed time.  now stay in your homes or the next president is going to be Asian!


comments? concerns?