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oh yeah, politics...


so what's been going on...Obama finally made up his mind on what to do with Afghanistan.  good for him it only took him three years.  that would be the entire first year of his term as president and the two years previous of him campaigning ON THE PLATFORM OF telling us he knew what to do about it!

So his plan is to send more troops.  since i don't have any CIA intel in front of me i have no idea if this is a good or bad plan but i do know's not a plan that should have taken three years to come up with.  there where really only two choices if you are going to "do" something...a phrase which implies you are not going to simply stay the course.  you then can a-send more troops or b-take troops out.  he could have flipped a coin.  i mean it sure didn't seem to me like he spent the last year agonizing and wringing his hands about this decision...wasn't he on Oprah or something? i know he's at a different White house party every week.  and he's on T.V. every Sunday on public service commercials trying to get people to get their fat ass kids to actually put the video games down and go outside and play. 

maybe he could combine the two problems.  he could sign all these sissy kids up for  the military.  sure, we wouldn't send them up a mountain with an m-16...although...their counterparts in Afghanistan, the ten year old goat ropers, know how to shoot an m-16...but these kids could carry supplies, wash the barracks, they could be on KP (kitchen patrol for you civilians)

i back in the day these kids would all be boy scouts and learning things and playing outside....and sure a couple of them may or may not have gotten molested but we see the alternative- ten year olds with cholesterol levels high enough to kill a texas longhorn and no practical ability or social skills.  Sure getting molested might take a few years of therapy, but dying at age 12 from a heart attack is worse.

really the Taliban are wasting their time shooting at us.  they are winning the long term war every day...every time they bring themselves to cover their wives mustaches and fire a round into the old baby machine it's bad guys-1 and good guys-0.  because our kids are fat out of shape and going to have to bring deliberators to school with them incase that last bag of fungyuns turns out to be the straw that broke the camels back and they have a grabber...but even IF they don't have a stroke by fourth grade they certainly aren't going to have the social skills necessary to get laid...and if they did, i doubt their penises would even respond.  the mind is the ultimate unless the woman's vaginal looks like a ps3 his brain pattern won't even register a squiggle.  and if he could he'd get an aneurism during the act.  thank the lord for the inner city or our population would drop 45% in two more generations.

now that i think about it...inner city kids know how to shoot an m-16.  okay i'm starting to feel better, we might not be as screwed as we thought...oh no! wait! Obama is going to fix the inner city and everybody's going to have a job and there won't be anymore poverty gangs crime or kids born out of wedlock to 16 year olds in high school. hmmm i bet he's planning on doing that AFTER he fixes case we need all the thugs and gangbangers to fight the Taliban.  yeah...that's why he hasn't done anything yet.  this Obama guys...he's smarter than he looks.


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