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I think the time has come to re list the rules of this blog and responding to this blog

1-no mercy
2-no hurt feelings
3- do not respond to a blog unless you have read THE ENTIRE BLOG.

And I’d like to add that I am a PERSON…I am not your ID.  Just because most of the time I’m screaming the things you’d like to scream doesn’t mean I’m betraying you when I scream in your direction or am at odds with what you think.

I established early on (long before you facebook readers got here by the way) that this blog for good or bad was going to be about what I’m dealing with at that time.  Personal, work related, political, happy, sad or confused.  What I’m saying here is there is no such thing as a free lunch. The personality the writes a comic like Arsenic Lullaby and writes blogs that are genuine and from the heart must be expected to irritate you as much as it bolsters your opinion.  You want a blog were the guy just sucks up to his fans…there are plenty of those out there to choose from…go read one of those and leave me alone.

At this point I’m sure your waiting for the wind up i.e. what got me started on all this.

I got this e-mail yesterday from "JM"in response to the blog about supporting independent works.

was one of the people you didnt name from your facebook status, and i have every AL trade, adn about 4 issues of misery a-go-go.
i support your shit by buying it.
being a dick to people who DO support your shit does not encourage them to continue supporting it.

This crybaby violated rule no. 3.  (and I’d like to point out that there was only ONE issue of misery a go-go)

in regaurds to rule no.3- I went out of my way to say that those two people might have good reasons for their request, but I bring it up to address a larger topic. AND I purposely left the names off.  YOU ,JM, READ LIKE MOST WOMEN LISTEN…just enough to get pissed off.  (now...see, right there is a perfect example of READING the whole thing...if you are a woman who DOES listen, then that comment doesn't apply to you and you have no reason to send me a angry if you are a woman who thinks that statement was incorrect and that most woman DO listen, THEN you would be justified in sending an angry would be WRONG....but justified in argueing based on having a different opinion. see the difference everybody?)I also made it clear I was speaking on behalf of OTHER independent types.  I see live music a lot and watch the bands bust their ass on stage, get lots of pats on the back and then watch tumbleweeds blow past their merch table while the people who loved them so much drop 50$ on watered down drinks.  THE POINT was that you should realize that it’s the spending of your hard earned CASH that speaks the most about how much you appreciate someones work.  If you already spend a bunch of cash on indy work than the point doesn’t really apply to you does it?  READ before responding…Dope.

i'm not just out here picking on people. If i have a larger point to make and i need an example...and you fit the bill than i'm using YOU as an example. but i wouldn't bother writing a blog if their weren't a whole lot of other people who fit the bill...get it? i said...i'm doing it for other indys who don't have the nerve i do, i'm sure alot of other people thought i sounded like an ass, but all of those people are going to think twice about passing up a merch booth without spending anything regaurdless of what hey now think about me. i'm taking one for the team here...i don't do it that often, mark it on the calander.

And also…kiss my ass. You bought everything I’ve done and even things that I’ve done that don’t actually exist…that’s great, but it doesn’t make you immune to my ire if you do something that drives me nuts…if it did what would be the point of me writing this blog?  Anyone who needed to be called out for something could just say they have all my books and I’d never be able to complain about anything.  Put your ego in neutral for a moment and stop and think about all the liberals out there I’ve tore into over the years…I’m sure plenty of them have a lot of my books.  And by the way, the person who is pointed out to be a jackass on this blog more than anyone else…is ME.  I’ve said way worse things and pointed out far more flaws about myself than I have of any one person, event, or ideology.  So get bent.

And as for his most ridiculous statement about - being a dick to readers doesn’t make them want to support you.  that is flat out absurd.  The MAJORITY of my readers are liberals who come here to read the other side of things, call me names and then come back next week.  It’s all part of the sick dance called EXCHANGING IDEAS IN A PUBLIC FORUM. This is a big boys blog , it’s where THINKERS come to take and dish out abuse.  If you don’t fit into that category, you should really go read something else.



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