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First off, while it is re-assuring when i miss a week of blogs and people e-mail complaining, i don't think it's fair to assume i'm "too lazy".  

it's the holidays and I'm usually depressed which makes it hard to be creative, and I've been you want a cartoon in 6 months or a bunch of blogs? and i really haven't had much too say.  i did have a nice weekend in the sense that i had three nights of dreams that were not nightmares.  I honestly don't think i've had more that one or two dreams that were not nightmares in the last three years, so to get a couple of nights reprieve from whatever the hell my subconscious is trying to tell a via horrible stressful angst filled rem cycle is pretty relaxing

so...i dunno...i guess i'll blog about tiger woods and jersey shore since there is no avoiding it.  i kinda figured both stories would just go away like when the guy from the show about having too many kids wanted a divorce, but no such luck.  I watched "jersey shore" the other day and just found it kinda boring. i don't know what the big deal is. and considering it's on mtv i thought the people they picked were kinda ugly.  the girls look like used up 40 year old divorcees trapped in used up 20 year old bodies, and the guys just seem dopey looking. in a sense they are exactly as good looking as they need to be for what they want out of life, which is going out to a night club and getting laid. the girls wear alot of make up and have big tits and the guys are tan dark haired and have washboard stomachs...which is really all the bait you need to pick up someone drunk at a nightclub, but they aren't good looking. 

They all think they are good looking though and that can get you pretty far when it's dark and everyone's drunk.  i do find it amusing how much they two guys work their ass off trying to bring home twenty something girls with big tits instead of just screwing the twenty something's with big tits living in the same house.  and make no mistake these guys ARE working their ass off.  in the episode i watched they went out for three of four hours from club to club and we watched various women grind on them on the dance floor and eventually they get a couple to come home.  so that's three hours of heavy flirting with dozens of drunk women to get one woman each...that's pretty sad.  they clearly have no charm or even instincts.

as someone who's good at talking to girls let me give out some tips.  

1-a woman makes up her mind whether or not she likes you romantically pretty much in the first thirty seconds. so...trying to wear one down is not only a waist of time but reeks of desperation...which is the biggest turn off in the world.

2-confidence is important but sincerity beats confidence every time. "be yourself" is advice you hear over and over because it's a game winning play. if you feel like an idiot you are better off saying "i feel like an idiot" than covering that in a layer of slimey false confidence. just be a sincere person and you won't even have to step foot in bar because the women will come to you. why?  because the world is FULL of jackasses like the two guys we are talking about. if you can just be sincere you are three steps ahead of 90% of the men out there, and any decent woman knows that and therefor you are a hot commodity. look...i'm not classically good looking but i've turned away better women than any of these guys have brought home so far and it's because women can tell i'm genuine.  which means they don't have to worry about any jackassery, getting used, being lied to, being made a fool off...all things women dread.  be genuine...look at the quality of woman these dopes drag home and look at the smoking hot women tiger woods landed.

i'm not kidding. tiger woods, while he WAS cheating on his wife was still being sincere to the women he was cheating on her with.  they all knew his situation he was upfront about what was going on what kind of a person he was and so on...Did tiger woods throw on a quart of cologne and strut around like a peacock finding excuse after excuse to lift his shirt and show off his tummy? no. he met the woman usually through friends had non boastful conversations about this or that and let the woman make up her own mind.

i realize it's not a GREAT example of what i'm trying to say but i'm reaching her to combine these two stories. 

...i dunno...there's your blog.  maybe they'll be a better one tomorrow.


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