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the MNCBA fall-con is over sounding the end of another convention season. I don't like thanking people on this blog because...well, it's boring for everyone else. so i will make a quick thanks you ion blue type.  and then continue the rest of the blog

Thanks to everyone and the MNCBA for the hospitality, thanks to everyone who stopped by, thanks to Tom and Truitt for the extra effort getting my stuff there, and thanks of course to Chris who is now officially upgraded from helper to creative entity as he takes on the lions share of the animation efforts.

now then, you here me plug the fall-con to a nauseating extent on this site for two reasons.  one is purely capitalist.  it's a good show, it's well run, the volunteers are great, and we always do really well there.  the OTHER reason is more personal.  i'm kind of an odd duck.  and while I'm really comfortable in my own skin it was a drag early in life not really belonging anywhere.  stand up comedy wasn't really my thing and even though i had great material i was never really comfortable with it and i didn't like the type of people you had to deal with on a regular basis.  i fit in even less in regular jobs.  and early on in the comic book world i was sort of just a thorn in peoples sides. 

the first fall-cn i did with arsenic lullaby was a real turning point.  I like to think (and it might be my own ego speaking here) that i really filled in a position that they were lacking. The show was small then, just a couple of rooms in a weird hotel.  they had some old veterans, and some decent current talent.  they had decent dealer booths, but they needed a quality independent draw that attracted the younger people and even the older readers who where tired of standard super hero stuff.  for possibly the first time my odd persona and odder comic book was an asset to a larger entity.  i was treated like i belonged, and like part of the family, and after the show was over and i was driving home i finally really got a sense that i was doing what i was supposed to be doing. Arsenic Lullaby and MNCBA Fall-con have really grown up together.  They went from the hotle and 500-600 attendees to the largest building in the minnesota fairgrounds and 5000-6000 attendees and Arsenic Lullaby know how far we've come.  that show and the first Comic-con International i did really cemented my confidence enough to continue on despite all the other bullshit. The first comic-con International was pivotal because it was the first time Arsenic Lullaby was head to head with the entire rest of the comic book world right in front of my eyes.  i knew already that sales were good but i had to see for myself on the battleground of ideas that Arsenic Lullaby could go toe to toe with literally anyone and still thrive.  it did. all the false bravado was replaced by earned bravado Arsenic Lullaby was second fiddle to no one including slave labor, dark horse or anyone else in the vicinity.

so those two shows are always close to my heart.  This fall-con i got another feeling.  I finally feel like I'm done.  like I've done enough and I'm not letting anyone down by moving on and that I'm supposed to be moving onto bigger and better things.  I don't feel any pangs of wanting to do any more, to be honest i have no desire to do another comic book.  The problem is i spend 75% of my time trying to get everything to fit on a page and function properly in unison when i should be spending 75% of the time making sure it's as funny as possible.  so i am happy to move onto a medium with sound and movement and no space limitations. 

I got to see the final issue of Arsenic Lullaby for the first time at the fall-con and as per usual i couldn't stand the sight of it.  all the work and stress from doing a book has such a pavlovian conditioning aspect to it that it's usually 6 months before i can just flip through it and enjoy what i did.  all i can tell you is the cover looks nice, the pages are in order, and everyone else seemed to like it alot.  


We'll be putting up short cartoons as early as this winter. they'll be VERY remedial at first...just like the early issues of Arsenic Lullaby, the material will have to carry the load until the visuals catch up.  For everyone wondering the first short will feature the U.S.D.T.N.Y.T. Later on you'll see the Aliens, Baron Von Donut, and finally Voodoo Joe.  in between then and now we'll be putting old issues up on various downloadable comic book sites.  

How well all of this goes...who knows?  I will say this, if i were you i'd start buying up all the back issues of Arsenic Lullaby i can find and i'm not saying that to fill my pocket because i don't have any back issues. the first shorts we are working on are stories right from the early issues. I AM saying the following to fill my pocket-I'm blowing out everything i have lying around the office that has to do with comic book making via ebay and putting out a ton of stuff for Christmas.  a redo of the page with Voodoo Joe eating a mermaid will be up on ebay soon along with old sketchbooks- don't get too excited, my skecthbooks are sloppy, filled with indecipherable scribbling and possibly a ring from the bottom of a wet soda can or two, but if you are a hardcore fan you might want to pick one up and see the progression of an idea into a completed page.  we're pretty much flat-out of original artwork that i'm willing to sell but i'm usually game for a commission or two.

and aside from that i'll be here every week and on the podcast every week soon to include guests. 

so...there you go.

OH and the impossible contest will return in November.  the prize will be a straight cover recreation of ANY arsenic Lullaby cover.  



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