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Honestly…what the fuck is your deal?


I’d like to talk right now to everybody who is confused about why building a mosque on ground zero is a back idea…


Honestly…what the fuck is your deal?


I’d like to talk right now to everybody who is confused about why building a mosque on ground zero is a back idea…


Are you shitting me?

Are you a moron, a complete asshole, or are you so caught up with “the other side is always wrong” that you’ve lost the ability to rationally think things through?


Let me break it down for you.


I’ll start with the sissy way out MANY of you have been taking in supporting this mosque.  It’s sissy because it’s taking a side based on a technicality.


“it’s not really a mosque and it’s not really on ground zero.’s not  really a mosque is so absurd I can’t believe I’m hearing it from multipule sources.  EVERYONE agrees it is a mosque (INCLUDING THE PEOPLE TRYING TO BUILD IT)  except for you people.  It’s IN a community center..but it’s still  A MOSQUE.  Just because it’s in another building  doesn’t mean anything.  If there was a gas station in there where I could buy gas you would say it’s not really a gas station…so…what the hell are you talking about?  ALSO it’s an ISLAMIC COMMUNITY CENTER…it’s not a Disney “it’s a small world” display that just happens to have a mosque in it. 


In case you didn’t know the 9-11 attacks were preformed in the name of Islam…and if you lived there or lost someone or HAVE AN OUNCE OF NATIONAL PRIDE…or AND ONCE OF HUMAN SYMPATHY… or can possibly grasp the concept that the attacks were aimed at all of us.  Then perhaps you can start to understand why this is AT BEST…in bad taste. 


“Not all of Islam attacked us…some of them are reasonable people”


if they are so reasonable then they should realize this is in bad taste and build is somewhere else.


I would assume by now you have heard all the analogies _ “you wouldn’t put a nazi shrine up at auchwitz”..and so on… 


But let me go one step further to try to get you to understand.  By the way I am beside myself that the left, which is SOOOO sensitive to any slight notion of racism or homophobia or uttering the name of God in any capacity other than ridicule…can’t see how this is insensitive.  Some of those people killed were probably gay.  What if they built a church there that taught homosexuality is a crime and they deserved to die?  Or a church that said abortion is a crime…how about a church that said women shouldn’t be allowed to work? OH WAIT...THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  Do a little research on the guy behind all this…he ain’t exactly into getting along with his fellow man and agreeing to disagree.


As for the proximity of the Mosque to ground zero…sure TECHNICALLY it’s not on ground zero…depending on your point of view.  It’s 600 feet away.  About half a city block.  If I said a SKYSCRAPER IS GOING TO FALL TO THE GROUND 600 FEET AWAY FROM THIS SPOT…would you be willing to stand there while it came down or would you agree that that’s close enough to call it ground zero?  Let’s say you lost a loved one there and perhaps wanted to go there to mourn once in awhile…would you then agree that a Mosque within clear eyesight is perhaps in bad taste?


Grow the hell up and get an once of sympathy for fucks sake.


As for the rest of you lefties spouting off about religious freedom…YOU are the assholes who have pushed the line to this point in the first place.  You can’t have a cross on you lawn in some communities,  you can’t have a cross on a grave in some cemeteries, you can’t wear a cross to school, and you can’t utter anything about Christianity almost anywere…without one of you assholes running to a congressman and looking for SOME WAY…ANYWAY…to stifle it. 


How are you people justifying this to yourselves?  All I ask is that you be consistent and THINK..and some of you won’t bother to do even that.


“they have the right to do this”


no one is arguing that.. they are saying that they are assholes for doing this…THAT is thier point.  Can you rebut that? 









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