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In answer to my pleas..."

So...after bitching on the podcast and bitching in the blog that i need more help, i got many e-mails, two in particular that i would like to highlight.

here is an excerpt from a guy looking to become an indy publsiher...

" so, just how much risk(cash) is involved if i want to do this right and be sucsessful?"

He asked some other stuff but this question lets me wine more so i'm answering that here (don't worry an e-mail calling me a jerk is next). Depending on the year i am putting up to 20,000 dollars. That's RISK. that is money spent printing traveling buying booths at shows, shipping, ect ect ect.and it's money shelled out with ZERO gaurentee that i'll get a dime back. I shell that out investing in myself and Arsenic Lullaby. that is me puttng my money where my mouth is...and that is STRESS.

okay here's an excerpt from e-mail no.2

"would you shut up? SHUT UP! ENOUGH WINING ALREADY. we come here so you can make with the funny. now make with the funny. You're not going to sell one single book with blogs bitching at us. here's something you could try, hope you don't consider it a "choir" write funny blogs, put up funny podcasts, put up SAMPLES OF WHAT YOU WANT US THE BUY THAT ARE FUNNY. SEE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR THERE? "FUNNY."

You want us to plug you like in the good old days? then how's about making with the FUNNY like in the good old days. I don't want to hear any more of your problems unless they make me laugh."

Well "zenomeno" sir...are probably right. and probably speak for a good percentage of my readers. so i'll TAKE that advice...and post more quality stuff.

as for the rest of you who are now pitching in...thanks and that's more like it...DON'T STOP. Arsenic Lullaby is and awlays has been carried on your backs.

now on with the are some samples from the upcoming collection. ('ill post some every week until the deadline for ordering is past...remeber it starts next wens and goes until Oct 21st)

here is a link to some that will help you help us, and a link to the samples page.



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