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I know i sound stressed out sometimes and even come across like a dick when i'm asking for help plugging Arsenic Lullaby, but here's the thing- I used to get TONS of help from you people and it all stopped as soon as i got into Mad if i didn't need help if Mad somehow promoted Arsenic Lullaby. it doesn't. Mad gives me a check and MAYBE .000001% of the people who see my pages in Mad google my name to see more of my stuff. of that percent .00000000001% will actually spell my name right in their search engine and get to

So there is that...the feeling of abandonment...the feeling of being taken for granted. You add to that the FREE entertainment i provide all you people with on the blogs and podcasts...the podcasts by the way that i wanted to STOP DOING as soon as i figured out the sound program. see that was the point of the podcast, to learn the sound program to use on the cartoon. but you all e-mailed saying you liked it so we keep putting them up...for free...and yet...when i ask for help plugging the Arsenic Lullaby i get the same dozen or so people. that's not fair is it?

then there is the stress. do you realize how much money i RISK...every time i put out Arsenic Lullaby? it's a fucking LOT. Money that could all be wasted if for some reason the comics don't move. now i know i have a track record and thinking that all of a sudden people will stop picking up arsenic Lullaby is silly...but when you see a crap load of cash go out the door you can't help but worry. i'm not made of money out here. people seem to think there are two levels of "artist" - starving and rich. well guess what ...there are many subtle levels in between starving and rich and i am in one of those levels were if something goes wrong i'll be living on the street with a shopping cart full of hardcover editions. Not to mention to cash i invested in this cartoon. printing, disc fabrication, shipping, airplane tickets, booths at conventions, computer programs, computers, scanners...this stuff costs money!

so there is THAT on top of that.

now i am going to speak directly to the facebook people now but the rest of you listen up too.

THERE ARE FUCKING FACEBOOK PAGES OF CATS AND YARN WITH A THOUSAND FANS FOR FUCKS SAKE and i ask you people to get more fans here and i get TWO?! TWO FUCKING NEW FANS?!  how much shit do you back and forth e-mail and text and link to each other over the course of your day and you didn't send anyone to OUR SITE?! you know what i did last week?  i drew an old lady with a pan of cookies for a cookie company logo...and i made a couple THAT how you want me to spend my time?  cuz i will ...i will FUCKING DRAW COOKIE LOGOS AND LAUGH TO THE BANK and NEVER DRAW A FETUS AGAIN IF YOU PEOPLE CAN'T HELP OUT.  I   CANNOT  DO   THIS  MYSELF!  "this" being defined as WRITE THE COMIC, DRAW THE COMIC, PUBLISH THE COMIC, WRITE THE CARTOON, DRAW THE CARTTON, DIRECT THE CARTOON, DISTRIBUTE THE CARTOON, PITCH THE CARTOON ....A   N   D...PROMOTE EVERYTHING...all i am asking is to spread the word a little...what? i an asshole for asking this?  am i an asshole for asking you fair readers to put as much effort into spreading the word about this as the  COCKSUCKERS WITH THIER PICTURES OF CATS?!!!!!!!!  AM I?! (by the way i never had this much trouble motivating myspace people...i hate you facebook.)

When i ask for help ...i don't mean give me another choir. i don't mean send ME a link to a message board ...i mean YOU post something on a message board. like in the olds days...when you were all stoked about helping an up and comer. just because i'm established doesn't mean you can all go tweet each other about cats and Arsenic Lullaby will take care of itself.

You know why arsenic Lullaby is so good? because it's NOT guy...ME runs the show. but that means that ONE GUY...ME...doesn't have time to scour the internet and plug it non stop. BUT if each of you did a LITTLE, then this would all be fine. i got an e-mail in response to my podcast about this...give this excerpt a read..

" you're in Mad, you're in greece, you're one of the only indy's still carried by Diamond Dist. what more do you want? isn't that enough? there are indy's out there who would love to be in yor position" LOSER TALK!

NO it's not enough!! The reason those the rindy's are NOT in my position is because they are satitisfied with "enough". I said years ago i will do this as long as it grows. so...NO! PLUS we are entering a whole new world here...the world of animation, and the numbers that are great for a comic and poor for a cartoon. PLUS look at the content of Arsenic Lullaby ...there is a small segment of the population that finds this funny and WE need to make sure that EVERYOONE in that small segment knows about it. not one stone can be left unturned...not one possible fan can be left unaware. about THIS- BEFORE you click on another blog, podcast, sneak send a link to SOMEONE. or post something on a message board, or post a link on your facebook, or take timeout from tweeting about your cat and tweet about ARSENIC LULLBY. am i asking too much here? am i being an asshle? no and yes are the correct answers.

let's try a dry run here...this week everyone post something, tel someone, send ME the info of a reviewer of a comic book fan site. by info i mean the e-mail address and contact name...try going to because while that IS is MORE helpful to have the e-mail and contact name, because the five minute YOU spend is five minute i don't need to spend ...multiply that five minute more time i have by 50 links...that 250 minutes of my week i can devote to coming up with more Arsenic Lullaby instead of tracking shit down. Don't e-mail me with "try doing blah blah blah" YOU TRY IT FOR ME!

NO ONE is exempt from this plea. becuase otherwise we will findourselves living in a bizarro world where th guy who drew arsenic lullaby is know for things like this


It's whatever pays for the tires on the el camion at this point. here is a link to some stuff that might help, and a link to the samples page.


thank you in advance.

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