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Hello all,

this is Douglas Paszkiewicz writer and illustrator of the dark humor comic Arsenic Lullaby. many of you already know of and love this book and it's cast including, an alcoholic cereal mascot, a voodoo witch doctor living in the suburbs and his zombie fetuses, and of course the Satan worshipers, Naziís and others. (Samples at

I'm writing because a bad thing has happened, something awful that reflects on all of us...Arsenic Lullaby has been nominated for an Eisner Award (best humor publication), and while such a despicable book getting critical acclaim is evidence that society is crumbling, and the end is near...all I can think about is my own self interest

So if you are a comic book professional and have not already voted please go to

or more specifically here

and vote for Arsenic Lullaby for Best humor publication.

I'm not asking for charity...go to the samples of ARSENIC LULLABY PULP EDITION ZERO and scroll through the samples and after you are convinced that it is the funniest thing on the shelves (I said in -makes you laugh...don't worry about what it's doing to your soul or what kind of black mark this will leave on that particular award or the industry in general)

Arsenic Lullaby is self published and has a total of three people who work on it eligible for voting, compared to Dark Horse and the others who have several hundred comic book pros who will vote on behalf of the home team. quite a head start...but if you all vote on Arsenic Lullaby's behalf we can still defeat the forces of good, and have the name of the most vile comic on the stands stamped into the prestigious "Eisner award"



the whirling sound you'll hear will be Eisner spinning in his grave.



comments? concerns?



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