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the world is run by people the world said weren't good enough to run it.


you can't buy a spine

This blog may seem like sour grapes, but i assure you i couldn't care less about anything that happened 15 years ago. i mention it as a public service.

School will be starting up soon and i could do three weeks worth of blogs about why college is a waste of time and money but i will focus on teachers for the moment.

"those who can't do...teach" is a saying that i actually find unfair. many teachers are well accomplished at whatever thier field is, and have alot of skill and i'd like to change that to "those who won't do...teach" see your teachers can learn you alot of things. but the lesson they cannot teach because they do not have it in them, is the most importnat thing you need in They don't have it, they don't understand it, and they don't recognize it's value nor do they know how to spot it. that is why they are teachers...they have no drive to get out and compete on the battleflied of thier chosen subject. I, in case you haven't noticed, have drive. and i cannot even fathom sitting around teaching other people instead of crushing them. the thrill of competition, the thrill of sucsess in spite of intoxicating and what makes the skills i developed worth having. to have any amount of skill and be content with explaining it to a class full of people instead of getting out there and using it is so forgien to me as to be absurd, and leaves me with only one impression of those who would be content with it- they are pussies at worst and ambitionless at best.

why...on earth...would you pay someone with no ambition whatsoever to prepare you to go into the world and compete with people who have ambition dripping from thier fangs?

This isn't just my own warped logic speaking this is simple life learned observation.

old freind of mine stopped by the booth at San Diego, on route to his own booth. His name is Brian Ewing, you may have heard of him. Brian and i went to high school togehter believe it or not. these days Brian makes his bones doing posters for bands. in fact Dark Horse comics just published a nice hardcover book of his works called "don't hold your breath". it is a collection of his posters. it's worth having not only because the illustrations are so great, and the stories are a riot, but as a glimpse into the past decade of music.

What seems like a million years ago when we went to school together the Art teachers told Brian that he should go to a community
college because he wasn't talented enough to make a living in art...they also told me i wasn't ambitious enough. Looking at our body of work and our trials and tribulations..the idiots who uttered those words couldn;t have made more absurd staements if they where sitting there telling us the world was flat. Douglas Paszkieiwcz not ambitious enough?! Brian Ewing not talented enough?! That's what they said...and make no mistake these words were not spoken to motivate us ...the people who told us that genuenly believed it. and these were not spoken by uptight couseleors...they were spoken by art teachers.

in my "ladder of human worthlessness", no. 4 is held by art teachers. despite teaching a ciruculoum including art history...a history FULL of people told they would fail... these people told us (and routinly tell others) that they will fail.

fifteen years later Brian is the -go to- guy for a band poster by national acts, and I...well you know enough about me at this point, saying WE would fail anounts to saying the new york yankees would never win a world series after 1987.


talent means NOTHING. Knowledge is cheap...anyone can pick up a book and absorb it. Skill is a secondary tool. talent, skill, knowledge...all the things your teachers are being paid to bestow upon you all pale in comparison to drive, and ambition. those are the keys to sucesses.

Life is a marathon not a sprint. any included, takes YEARS to master. YEARS before you can properly assesss an individuals potential. OUR teachers were WAY OFF. and YOUR teachers probably are as well. becuase they didn't and don't understand DRIVE. if you have no DRIVE it doesn't matter how fast you start running that marathon because eventually you will be passed up by slow people who are pushing past the pain.

Lets look at it another way. say there is going to be a fight. on one side you have a fellow who has trained over and over, has spent decades learning the subtlties of martial arts from his wise old master. he knows the moves and movenments as well as any ballerina knows swam lake. in the other corner...a guy with rusty fork...who WANTS to kill...who LOVES to kill, who has no more pure joy in his life that to hurt and maime. don't know who's gonna win? let me describe the epiloge...the rusty fork, now covered with blood goes up on the mantle next to a blood soaked rusty ice pick, a rusty blood soaked snow shovel and several copies of previous police reports, and the wise old master searches for another student. am i saying you shouldn't learn? am i saying you shouldn't listen to your teachers...of course not, i'm saying that they are worthless human beings who are fooling themselves (and possibly have a debilitating case of arested development...i'll get into THAT some other day)...i am saying you need to realize you are being taught martial arts by a guy who's afraid to fight. i'm saying you are being taught how to run a marathon by a guy who quits after two miles.

maybe they achieved once, maybe they dabble in thier craft from time to time. but if they are willing to spend thier precious time teaching instead of doing, then they have lost that most precious commodity DRIVE.

Im my own chosen field i have YET to hear tell from anyone who is sucsessful that they owe it to thier art teacher. on the contrary I am deluged with stories about how thier art teachers didn't know shit, and didn't properly prepare them, and that the star students that were insufferable becuase of the praise they recieved from the instructors are all I.T. technitians or middle management in some wharehouse or another...being bossed around by and/or sitting next to someone who never went to college.

Brian expressed interest in going back to our high school and giving a speach to the student body. That might be alot of fun, maybe i could get in on it. too bad it'll probably never happen as we are both too busy for that nonsense. maybe we should just send our old art teachers copies of our most recent books...nah, i'd rather sell that copy, my stuff always sells out you know...which is bad becuase, you know, i have no ambition and might never make anything else.

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