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            Here's the thing...people don't know what they want.


I try to stay away from politics because it's not my job to analyze that crap.  I doesn't help me in the $$$$ department, it's not what people come here looking for AND it drives me nuts when other entertainers and comedians crap out their political opinions out of the blue.  

except over the course of time somehow it has become what some of you DO come here for.  since i seem to be the only conservative out there under 40, and the only one able to make a logical argument...many of you Liberal and conservatives come here to read what i think....and if my counter is correct, these are my most popular blogs.  so as many people (myself included)say they don't want their funny men trying to be serious...i guess we really do.

Speaking of people who don't know what they want...Does Obama want to be president?  or does he want to just keep Running for president?  He went on Jay Leno, and on ESPN this week...hey are supposed to be BEHIND THE DESK...NOT ON THE COUCH NEXT TO IT.  he made some comment on Leno about how he bowls like he's in the special Olympics...let me just point out that if GEORGE BUSH  had said that every stand up comedian in this country would have died from spontaneous orgasm.  You can't say kind of thing when you are the President.  Hell, i get guff every time i do a retard joke and it's my job to be a lowlife, so this guy really needs to start thinking before he speaks...and realize that he is the leader of the free world and he REPRESENTS THE U.S.  when you are in that position one offhanded comment can get you (US) in alot of trouble.

now i don't expect a bunch of retarded people to get pissed and fly airplanes into our buildings...because i assume that they can't get pilot training. i mean, i hope they can't, i know the Americans with disabilities act forces a lot of people to hire people they normally wouldn't based on common sense, but if i ever get on an airplane and the pilots eye are an inch farther apart then normal and his hands are pudgy and twisted up and he's got his "wings" on upside down...well expedia is going to hear a few choice words from me...anyway pissing off a bunch of retarded people is at best going to leave the parking lot and the grocery store littered with shopping carts that they refuse to go get.  but if he is fool enough to let that slip...what's next? seriously.  OBAMA, you are not a comedian...get your ass back to the oval office and keep an eye on Hilary and stop trading jabs with jay leno.  

It is a big dangerous world out there full of people who hate us.  and we need them all to take this guy seriously.  most of the dangerous countries out there have a different culture and they are not watching our president act like a comedian and thinking that he really connects with the common man...they are thinking he is weak and a clown.  can you imagine Putin on the tonight show?  

on last thing i'd like to mention that drives home my constant point that we should cut the governments budget every chance we get. Obama gave bailout money to AIG and AIG gave alot of that money (our money) to it's executives ...millions of it. and Obama had the nerve to act pissed at them.  hey IT WAS YOUR BILL THAT GAVE THEM THE MONEY. In fact i remeber a certin republican senator saying there wasn't enough regualtion on what they could do with the money ...and the democrates said "shut up and pass the bill they sky is falling!"...hey if you consider the republicans the be a party of rich white guys...and one of them tell you what rich white guys are going to do with your money once they get it...maybe you should listen.

Remember my previous blog about how there was no way that congress could have read the stimulus bill before they passed it and how that was a bad thing.  WELL THIS IS WHY...AIG took the time to read the rule and found a shitton of loopholes.  they won't be the only ones who find loopholes and when Obama "penalizes" them with his ILLEGAL use of the tax code (taxing 90% on the "bonuses") they will just find loopholes in that.  MARK MAY WORDS.  the bonuses will be restructured and called commissions, or signing fees, of quarterly pay amendments...

you have to remember that the government on it BEST DAY is 30 I.Q. points and a week behind your average business man.  because he got where he is by being an unyielding, often ruthless,  work-aholic who watches every detail...and you cannot best that guy when you are only devoting part of your time to him and the rest to international affairs, embryos, immigration and JAY LENO.  and by the way...who cares if they got bonuses?  let me tell you something about rich white guys...the INVEST THEIR MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET.  so all that bonus money went back into the economy ...JUST LIKE OBAMA WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE...his hair brained scheme actually partially worked and he doesn't even know it.



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