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          "...because what we're looking for is an escape from escape from the assholes who bug us all week long with their ego trips and attitude"

Steve Dahl 

we all need heroes.

I'm speaking about an abstract definition of hero.  oh course he need firemen, and soldiers,  people to break us out of flaming cars or take bullets for us.  What i mean by hero specifically here is closer to a leader.  a leader who is also special, unique, a little more alive than most people.  a person who stands out not only because of superior ability of some sort...although they do have superior ability but also because of a spark of life, and energy, a whimsy that is brighter, or at least brighter when it's needed, than other people. 

In this culture we tend to raise those people up just long enough to decide we hate them and tear them down.  everybody loved George w bush after 9-11 then we decided he was an asshole...he didn't change, we did.  Obama will face the same tearing down from the people who raised him up.  but this doesn't just relate to politics...this is something we do in all walks of life in this culture.  pop stars, actors, ect  it's a story that's been told a zillion times in movies...someone talented and alive tries to change things...he makes some progress than everyone turns on him because he is getting the glory and not them...they are tron down by jealus people and we help becuase we in this culture shutter and shy away from our heroes as soon as we realize that he is popular,  that he is other peoples hero as well.  one some band that you love gets too popular you decide they suck or are sell outs, having bo reason to think they changed, becuase you want your heroes to be YOURS.  

but that of the people who lead the tearing down...are they afraid it's a sign of weakness?  is it EGO?  is it that by looking up to someone else they think they are belittling ourselves?  that they are giving up the stage?  Must thier egos demand  that they attempt to become everything they admire in others rather than accept that others are better is some regard? and if they cannot become that then they must remove it from thier sight?

the packers lost a few mondays ago to their old quarterback who is now on their rival team the Vikings (DON'T YOU GROAN AND BITCH THAT THIS IS ANOTHER FOOTBALL BLOG...THIS IS IMPORTANT).   In the abstract definition i'm using ,Farve was/is a hero.  he has skill beyond normal people and even beyond most NFL players...AND more important than that he has that spark, that energy that whimsy i spoke of earlier.  

let me paint a picture for you- the packers just scored and tied the game up...this is very early in the game, but right after that Farve marched the Vikings downfield and took back the lead.  this is not a crushing blow on paper.  you scored ,then they scored, and the game is only 1/4 over.  one team going up by a touchdown in the first quarter is by any assessment... meaningless.

well meaningless on paper, meaningless statistically.  but as you looked at the packers sideline you would have thought they were losing by 45 points.  here is was a big game.  it was Monday night football which is nationally televised, it was against a division rival, and it was their first game AGAINST Farve.  so the a media circus was in full effect.  the bright lights were on, the pressure was on.  both the packers and the Vikings had good quarterbacks, talented athletes on defense and offense.  but the packers...had no hero.  the pressure was on both teams and the hero was on the other sideline.  Brett Farve was smiling and patting guys on the back, talking and gesturing wildly and recounting plays that just happened with players who where there. he was  thriving on the pressure, absorbing it, taking it all on himself.  his entire sideling was responding to it.  The best way i could put it was the Vikings looked like a dog in a thunderstorm after it sees that YOU are not afraid...and the Packers looked like your dog after you catch it doing something wrong. the packers looked like children who where told there was no santa claus, children who where told not to talk to their best friend anymore. all at once they realized what Farve brought to the team.  they realized or should i say remembered why other teams were so eager to put up with his flaws, to let him jerk them around a little, to put up with his ego. Because even 275 pound linemen need heroes sometimes to bolster their courage.  a hero in this case is someone you not only look to and rely on to handle a situation that you can't but EXPECT to handle the situation...that you have confidence WILL handle the situation because that's what he does.

the pressure was on and the packers in unison after Farve put the Vikings ahead again, realized they had no hero...they had no one they EXPECTED to step UP AND SAVE THEM.  and that was the end of the game.  the game was over after the packers realized that Farve really was the hero that he and all of his fans claimed he was. it took losing to him for them to realize that he wasn't just hype. the final score was 23 -30 but it was never really that close.  the pack was down by three score until the fourth quarter when the Viking defense eased up, and the Viking offense stopped passing the ball and just burned up as much time as they could.

the tragedy here and lesson for all of us is that the packers HAD that very hero...but they turned on him.  they focused on flaws (his wishy washy ness about retiring) the general manager wanted his ego to have center stage, the coach wanted to prove he could do it...become what he admired in the other person or remove him.  and so they got rid of Farve.  and now they are 2-2..average, nothing special.  they'll win a few games and lose a few games but they'll never be able to look down at the end of the bench when the chips are down and hope for some magic...and rely on a hero.  see heroes are rare.  special people are rare...that's why they are called special. and a lot of the time they are a pain in the ass or have flaws...but everything is relative and when you are larger than life so are your moles.  and most of the time...most of our lives we don't have any heroes around.  the once in awhile we get one and life is more interesting more magical, more fun, more exciting...and this culture...we throw that away.

why is that?  i realize it's not all of us...but not enough of us try to stop it.  the breed of cat who can't handle admitting that someone else is the hero far outnumbers the breed that will stand up and defend the hero. we should do something about that.  we should do more sticking up for each other and for our heroes.  we should have a longer memory for the good that people do, and keep in perspective how good the good was when we notice a flaw that really isn't that big a deal. 

this Sunday Brett Farve and the Vikings play the packers again, this time on the packer home field...historical Lambeau field.  and many of the Fans who used to sing Brett Farves praises...have taken the side to the coach and GM...they have helped tear down the hero and send him away.  they will likely boo and hiss and have little signs about how brett farve is a traitor.  I of course will be hoping that no.4 crushes their spines.  i hope no.4 makes the coach and gm and packers pay for getting rid of him in front of the whole world...because that's what's suposed to happened lambeau field...heroes are supposed to win.

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