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2012 the day everything continued on as though a bunch of loin clothed stone pounders never existed at all

Iíve gotten a few requests to debunk the concept of 2012 being the day the world ends.

I donít really care if it does but to humor you I will dig into it...sometime.  I am really busy now.

Just to ease some of your worries though I will put this in some perspective for you.

The Mayan calendar is the thing people are pointing ends on 2012 and -sort of-this calendar predicted other events correctly -if you give it a loose interpretation.

The Mayan calendar that has predicted this event has been around since the 7th century (or longer I am just going off of my hazy memory right now) is currently the 21st century.  By my math that means the calendar has been around and predicting things for 14 centuries...and it has oh...a half dozen vague prophecies that sort of came true under it's belt.  That is a piss poor average especially since some of them where just predicting eclipses which is MATH and not magic. 

Remember the saying-if you put a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters eventually one of them would write war and peace-

I really wouldn't worry about what the Mayans thought was going to happen the only time you see a Mayan now is on a t-shirt with a low-rider impala, did their little calendar predict that?...the same goes for Nastradamos who also, when you realize how many predictions he made, and that fact that his works where incredably vague and interpreted by people who wanted to believe...has ZERO credibility. a stanza from any on of his zillion phone book sized vitamin deficiency fits of scribbling will read thusly "and a maritime city of crystals will endure a great flood"  some say (now that it has already happened) could be new Orleans - maritime city, flooded, big skyscrapers of glass that could look like crystals...of course that could mean ANY CITY that has flooded in the last 500 years. i GUESS crystals could mean big glass buildings...although since there where buildings back when he was around AND GLASS i would think that he would say a city with giant glass buildings...because if the "crystals" are a metaphor of a building then where do you stop with the metaphors?  we could say that the "flood" is a metaphor for the flood of illegal aliens in to San Diego (which  is another maritime city with giant glass buildings.  did Crystal Gale's home town ever get flooded?  perhaps he meant one of the cities in south Africa that is full of diamond mines...those get flooded all the time...or maybe he was just a fucking old crackpot.  or a con man. it all depends on who is doing the interpreting and what is on their mind at the time.

Keep that in mind too when you hear people blather on about predictions of ancient people.  The ancient texts were at best sketchy and vague and translate very poorly into modern times.  Itís all about WHO is translating it.  As far as Iím concerned that Mayan calendar, if it was so great, should have stopped when the first Spaniards landed because that was the end for them.

The simple fact that since the dawn of man we have been predicting the end of the world and over 6000 years of civilization a few people guessed 2012 doesn't exactly make my blood freeze.  How many people predicted the year 2000?  Or predicted it would end before America was even discovered?  After we pass up 2012 there will be a new date that some loin clothed rock pounders predicted while throwing their virgins into a volcano and we'll all have to hear about the world ending on 2025...if man is still alive.

Did you see what I did there? I made it into the verse from that crappy song.