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Very soon i will have a message board on this blog in hopes that my mailbox at least wont be full of your stupididty. nothing irritates me more than me TRYING to put a new and interesting spin on a current topic and having you dopes just notice the subject and puke up whatever you were thnking of it in general.

this blog is for THINKERS who want to figure things out together logically. it is not a free for all for you numbskulls to repost whatever you heard some pundit that you like say.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS...READ THE FUCKING the WHOLE FUCKING BLOG...make sure you understand the POINT OF THE BLOG...THEN...if you have something to add that speaks to the point...THEN post a comment or send an e-mail.

is that really so hard? If it is go away...go back to listening to Rush or NPR or whoever the hell else tells you what you want to hear, and doesn't challenge you to THINK or have a REASON FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

for fucks sake.

as long as we are on that subject here are a few more guidlines. my message board, and blogs are a public ofrum whatever you post will stay up there, i don't run from a fight and if you say something that makes me look like an ass i'm not going to take it down...EXCEPT under these curcumstances

1-this is MY blog, not yours or your buddies...if you post up links to some other jerks webiste it will be taken down.

2-this blog is meant to entertain...if your response to my blog is longer than my blog it will be taken down or edited. this is because are boring. you should be able to make your point in a sentance or two, nobody is coming here to read three pages of your opinion...if you belive you are that interesting then start your own blog. nothing slows down an arguement or gets people to stop coming to message boards faster then dopes putting up three pages of drek. i don't have time to read it...and no one else wants to. get me?

Re-read that, learn it, live it. Way back on the original message board and even on myspace we had some pretty good arguements and it was pretty entertaining for everyone. let's try to get back to FOLLOWING THESE RULES. more details on when this change will occure/message board will go up. hopefuly next week.

comments? concerns?



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