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well thank God that's over

The Christmas season didn't end soon enough for me.  and as soon as the last relative was visited i felt like i gaint weight was off my shoulders.  i feel like a million bucks right now.

so...what to talk about...this is the last week of 2009 lets review the top things that pissed me off this year.  then you all e-mail me and on Wednesday (..what i mean there is Wensday as in the day after tuesday but spell check is saying i spelled it wrong and is insisting that is is "Wednesday"...which i don't think is actually a word...that or i've been an idiot my entire life)  i'll give you an in depth review/update of the subject you ask for the most.

1- anyone who still thinks health car being run by the government is a good idea _  the simple fact that they didn't pass it in over a year of Obama's reign is all the proof you need that the government shouldn't run ANYTHING important.

2- my ex-wife...why exactly is she STILL getting her mail here?

3- my neighbors...the usually stuff isn't working...not only do i fear now that they will never leave...i fear they may follow me somewhere else.

4- facebook 

5- Kempo and her new boyfriend

6- the divorced broad and people who don't understand the meaning of "recipricate"...that may be spelled wrong, the point is if any of the people who came to me for help were ever actually around when i needed help...that would be a nice change of pace.

7- dousche-bags who consider themselves artists.

...seems like i should be able to come up with ten things...i must've had an okay year.  or really dwelled on these things to the detriment of being angry at other things.  that's something i should focus on in the new year.  not dwelling on things. there are many many things that i am missing out on being pissed off at because i'm all wrapped dup in being pissed off at a few things.  i really need to diversify.  in 2010 i will be more of a renaissance man with my distain.




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