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April 11 2015-the frightening world of online dating

Doug reaps what he sows on an online dating site, briefly reads a story about a man who injected silicone into his penis, and THEN…believe it or not finally address the Bill Cosby accusations in an insightful and mature way, and swerves into a theory that the sheer numbers point to something far far worse than anyone else has mentioned.

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Dec 20 2014

Doug confuses protesters and carolers, describes what Cuba will be like after five years of 'merican tourism and plays the worst xmas music ever conceived of.

DEC 10 2014

Doug decides not to kill himself because there is too much work involved, and briefly talks about riots and the CIA

Nov 15 2014

Douglas talks about his neighbors overdose and whether or not using a carpet cleaner would have been a good idea

Nov 18th 2011

Compare your bad week to Doug's (hint,if a white SUV with black tinted windows didn't show up at your house...you lose)